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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    I pick my battles wisely, I have done 2 tours of Aghanistan and have never lost anyone under my command.
    Thank you, and well done.

    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    I am crazy and paranoid but I only choose the battles I can win.
    I'll admit that being willing to lose isn't necessarily a great trait for everyone. It's not a decision I make lightly, nobody likes getting their ass kicked. I just weigh the costs versus the benefit a little differently than many people.

    Edit: I understand that you weren't really in a position that losing would be beneficial in any way. But in some cases, it can be. War just isn't one of those cases.
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    I don't argue to be right, I argue to be proven wrong. Because I'm aware that the collective intelligence of the community likely has more to offer to me by enlightening me, than I do to an individual by "winning" an argument with them.
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    I don't always wear tennis shoes, but when I do, I speak Russian. In French.

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