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    Lightbulb Patch 7.19d: What is the biggest change?

    I think the biggest change of the entire patch is Sunder getting a manacost at level three. That is going to give several other heroes a chance to counter Terrorblade.
    Most of the other changes are minor edits to damage, cast times, healing and manacost. All changes will affect the efficiency of heroes( such as Grimstroke, Riki), but not make any of them unplayable.

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    The biggest change rn is that the game is still the most awesome game ever!

    edited my post, my mood today says I love this game.
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    Everyone waiting for 7.20, 7.19d seems like a filler patch for now.

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    Sunder was out of hand, basically you could life swap every single time.

    Silence was not enough to counter because Manta is usually a baseline item, and because of its many clones it was hard to pin him down with single target control.

    It was required like the Nerf they made on Wraith King ultimate a few years back.

    I still feel some heroes are stupidly powerful, like Riki was pre-nerf he was out of control, so much so, his win rate sky rocketed, dotabuff even had an article to counter him because the same old sentry+dust formula is not working anymore.

    Unfortunately this game balance only around pro-scene, and not low/mid skill brackets in mind.
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    I was rarely playing DotA post 7.0 but after seeing Lich's LoL-style, easy-mode (not sure at which patch they changed it...) CC, I think I am done with this game. What this game needs is not LoLification.

    Anyway, DotA 2 is now officialy a shit-tier game for me.

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