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  • 1 month recurring

    65 71.43%
  • 3 months

    15 16.48%
  • 6 months

    11 12.09%
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    I usually go for 1 month at a time, since my work (archaeology) sometimes requires me to go out in the field for months at a time and it makes no sense to keep a subscription running in that time.

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    Taking it one month at a time.... and im loving... just rolled pubs for the 1st time Trooper vanguard and makes me wanna play even more... and patch 1.2 LOOKS GOOD
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    I only bought a single gamecard to test out the game and when that is out il have to decide if i want to continue or not so far its a ok game just havent made up my mind enugh to set up a sub

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    I have always paid with a one month plan. I played wow faithfully for 6 years with out ever a laps in my sub till the release of SWTOR on a month to month plan and its how I will do SWTOR as well. I just dont like not being able to cancel if my finances dictate the need to do so. They never have.. but I'm not the lock myself into a long term contract kinda guy.

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    I quit the game before my first month was up, not that swtor is a bad game it just felt odd to me after playing wow some many years.

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    I always go for a 1 month sub in every game I play, I like to be able to stop playing the game anytime I want if I decide so.

    Funnily enough I decide to stop playing WoW after subscribing to the Annual Pass, yay me !

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    I have gone with 1 month but don't plan un-subbing any time soon just don't see the need for the other plans as the savings are not that much would go with a life time sub if they offered it though.

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