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    Not a good sign, not at all.

    While I dont pvp, there are others that do. D2 had a very active pvp scene in all forms, team pvp, low lvl pvp etc. Arena sounds like a great feature that they realy should include. All those whining aout pve balance being affected by pvp : so what ? pve will be easy anyway. Look at d2. Once you know the game and have played trough it a few times, you can play it naked with no skills. I dont think that D3 will be different.
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    I don't mind this, because it'll allow people to familiarize themselves with the classes and get some neat gear before delving into pvp!

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    I don't think I was going to buy it anyways. I mean, I loved d2 and want to play it...but the idea of giving Blizzard any of my money makes me feel ill.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but they botched the arena system in d3 so that is why the game has been delayed for fucklong, right? And as I recall, there will be no pvp outside of the arena system?

    I never did any pvp in d2. My brother has, and he says that the game is ruined. (I told him that there would be no outside of rogue camp fights, and he just got even more disappointed.) I got the beta, we both played it and he says that D2 is still better than D3. I'm on the fence, I have to see the mighty inferno mode before I make up my mind.

    Even though I wouldn't take any part of it, I dislike cutting stuff off from the game just to be able to make a release. They changed too much stuff if you ask me anyway. This just sounds like they are rushing to get it out, and we all have our share of bad features and rushed stuff from wow. (Trial of Crusader, wave your hands.)

    Seriously this cropping screams activision instead of blizzard. And that is not a good thing. Beta was disappointing for me, and I wouldn't mind waiting for another year if that is what it takes to make this game into what it is supposed to be. I hope nothing else gets cut.

    And... Well... Since they are cutting stuff off, they might as well give us a release date...
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    blizz should take heroes and bosses from D3 and make their MOBA around them.
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    So what. You're not going to pvp the first few weeks anyway since you're busy learning the chars, leveling and collecting gear.

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    I cant wait to get playing this game, PvP is meaningless to me anyhow so the soon I get my hands on this the better

    Cant wait

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    Well I think even PvPers would take some time to actually farm/get to lvl 60 in PvE anyways so ... a bit later won't be too bad in my opinion.
    If its like a year after launch then thats a problem in my eyes.
    Also, people who were expecting to PvP excessively would just not buy the game at launch. (annual pass users excluded of course. They get the game for free anyways)

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    What someone said earlier, I really hope that they wont balance the classes out of a pvp perspective, and make the pve seem shit.
    Diablo is about finding more loot, so you can use that loot, to get even better loot.
    Pvp is such a tiny fraction of most players diablo experience.
    Sure, pk in hc is quite fun. never did it myself, but ive been pked a lot. the thrill alone is fun.

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    I couldn't care about the PvP tbh. I mostly wanted to get this game because of the Co-op and i have a ton of friends who will be playing the game being they locked themselves in the annual pass.If I wanted to have the slightest attempt of fun with PvP i'll go play WoW being i was dumb enough to lock into the annual pass but, on the bright side i get this game for free.

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    I have a gut feeling that PvP in this game isn't going to be that good anyways, so postponing it for an earlier launch is fine by me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkwarrior42 View Post
    Good. That means they absolutely won't be balancing around PvP, so the classes can actually be properly designed for the actual game content.

    If I wanted PvP, I'd buy a different game.... honestly, the only Blizzard game I'd ever seriously consider from a hardcore PvP angle is Starcraft 2.
    Sooooo this, a thousand times.

    I'm so. Fucking. TIRED. Of blizz ruining games because of PvP. I seriously wish they'd just sell a D3 PvE and D3 PvP version, and they had nothing to do with each other. You competitive people can go beat on each other, while the rest of us are enjoying the actual game, and we don't have to worry about nerfs because someone figured out how to make some certain class spec OP in PvP. I'm hoping that, some day, blizzard will separate the two, but I highly doubt it'll be any time soon.

    As for the OP...good. Fewer people who log in at the start means more stable servers, and the AH won't be so flooded. Also, fewer people to complain that there's nothing to do in the game since there's no PvP.
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