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    tbh, i dont think a delayed pvp system will matter, most games with pvp are only effective with high character lvl and gear and by the time u get those, the pvp system will launch, so pretty much a moot point
    I agree, pretty much exactly how i thought when i read this.. They don't tell us it will be removed from the game, just implemented later - later, being the key word.

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    Oh god, its so nice of them to postpone the PvP content over the game. Im not gonna PvP that much, so im just really glad that they wont wait a month more or two to get the PvP up and running before we'll see a release.

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    Not buying Diablo 3 for PvP, so I don't mind. PvE content is going to keep me busy long enough for PvP to be released anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    1.Blizzard delays almost every single game they made
    2.Bashiok is not D3 dev
    Problem is they usually delay the games so they are as polished as possible, this doesn't seem the case for Diablo 3 they are simply removing parts of the game, its very unlike Blizzard at this point.

    As I said in another thread the PvP was announced over 18 months ago it makes you wonder what's been happening with it all this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flimsy View Post
    Problem is they usually delay the games so they are as polished as possible, this doesn't seem the case for Diablo 3 they are simply removing parts of the game, its very unlike Blizzard at this point.
    umm they are polishing the game atm. They don't remove PvP but it is just delayed. They can ship with PvP but it will be longer for D3 to release and I won't wait for it. Arena is playable at Blizzcon they just need more time to polish it so it will be put in the game later.

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    Get rid of this pvp idea in diablo all together.
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    By fiber be purged

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    Online games for me are all about playing against human opponents in addition to playing with them. PvPing in Diablo 2 was one of my favorite parts of the game so I hate that they delayed such a feature. Its also such a huge aspect of an online game that it makes me concerned how they will implement this feature in the near future without relying on an expansion release.

    I was also interested in D3's PvP since they took a different approach than D2, it reminds me more of a DOTA arena combat style but now the game is being rushed out before its complete

    Diablo 3 is shaping up to be a triple-A disappointment rather than a triple-A title
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanguinesun View Post
    Diablo 3 Gets delayed over and over.
    Again, no official release date, game has never offically been delayed. Always been tentative.

    Devs tell fans to lower expectations.
    A Community manager said that, not a Dev, and it was because people were building up D3 to the point that no matter how good it would be, it would never ever meet their expectations. The amount of Hyperbole spouted by people accross various offical and unoffcial forums was scary.

    Devs anounce no pvp at launch.
    A decsion that was probablly taken so they weren't delaying a full game for what was, essentially, just a small part of it. Most people I know won't be playing for PvP at all. And I imagine it would be the same accross the board.

    Here's the real question:

    Given that they have meandered and lingered so much and then became so blunt, it makes you wonder.... What else are the not saying that is bad about this game?
    Beta impressions are almost universally pretty high, it still looks like the quality of game you would expect from Blizzard. I honestly don't understand what your trying to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldglory1977 View Post
    Online games for me are all about playing against human opponents in addition to playing with them.
    Then Diablo is not the game for you, maybe you should understand that now. I read the rest of your post, but the first sentance summed it up perfectly.

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    Considering I will only be playing for the PVE aspect of the game. Yup I will.

    People will be too busy leveling for the first couple months anyways, that PVP won't even be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrena View Post
    Then Diablo is not the game for you, maybe you should understand that now. I read the rest of your post, but the first sentance summed it up perfectly.
    Actually Diablo 2 was a great game for me, I also was one of the hardcore hardcores that pvp'd. Diablo 3 is definitely shaping up to be a disappointment though, in general I am not a fan of Blizzard's new direction where they are rushing out titles before key features of the game are ready. This is especially alarming from a company that knows the value and importance of PvP to a game's value. Yet $$$-microtransaction based features that no one really wanted like the real money auction house will be ready. Very disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildmoon View Post
    LOL PVP in D2 was a JOKE. It was terribly unbalance. If anyone thinks WoW's pvp is unbalance then you should try D2.

    On the topic I don't really care that there won't be PvP at release because I will be spending my time grinding the hell out of the game. Blizz will eventually put PvP in anyway. I won't wait for PvP because I will play what is the core of Diablo which is grinding and when pvp comes I will try it for fun. I am surprised that Blizzard sctually care about PvP in D3. They will put many arena themes, matchmaking and more in D3. It's something they have never cared about since D1.
    You for real never did any GM PVP then. The PVP in D2 was amazing.

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    just look at the video

    there are 4 health pots that spawn that give you full health, some abilities take you down to 50% in 1 moment, annoying LOS again from wow

    its a pointless circle map that you just kill each other on, no objectives or interesting scenery or purpose. halo 1 has more depth...
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    Played a VERY OP decked out BvC in D2 (I mean deeecked out, wizzies, 3/20/20's, nearly perfect weapons, near perfect anni/hf 08 valk ect ect ect). PvP was very unbalanced but it was insane amounts of fun. I'll for sure partake in pvp once released, but I'm more excited about the actual pve game play at this point. Beta showed me so far the game is everything and more then i expected and wanted after playing D2 for over 7 years. I quit for WoW, it only seems right that D3 will be my WoW killer.

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    WOW didn't have pvp initally, and all the new games that come out have some funky shit going on in PVP so I am not upset. Something to look forward too, but it will not stop me form getting collectors, or annual pass either.
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    For me this furthers the rumor that Diablo III might come out in April.

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    The 10 or so people that wanted Diablo so they could PvP will end up being glad as a Diablo game with no balance issues due to PvP will be way better. The longer time they take to add it the better, imo.
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    StarCraft 2 is mainly for PvP, Diablo was always a PvE game for me and millions of others.

    Besides i doubt i will even do much PvP when it does launch, i am already knee deep into SFxTekken, SC2 and MW3. Plenty of online mayhem

    Would be a damn shame if a game that built its fame around PvE dungeon crawling to be delayed so that xxXl33tSniParXxx can kill others while he shouts over Skype/Vent or game chat what a massive *** you are you little ***** calling ***** **** etc.

    Shame that the industry has agigantic boner for online deathmatchin', gotta kill stuff mayn!

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    Was anyone even surprised they decided to exclude the PvP system from the original game until a later date?

    It was obvious some of it wasn't going to make it to launch or even get scrapped and honestly, I'm perfectly happy with that. The PvP side of Diablo 3 is not what I play Diablo for, so I'm completely fine with them removing it until they feel it's finished and balanced.
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    I'm getting it from Annual Pass, but even if I wasn't, I'd still buy it. While I did PvP in Diablo 1 and 2, it was never that big a part of the game for me. Most of the time I just randomly dueled some of my friends. Though even if it was that big of a part of why I'd play, there appears to be plenty of PvE to hold one over until PvP is implemented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by djprada View Post
    Will you still buy it?
    Of course, never cared about the PvP aspect of it. Besides, you'll still get that in 3-6 months.

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