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    Error 2023

    Hello everyone, just thought that I would get Rift another try after having not played it for about 6 moths now. It's a great game and I absolutely loved it when it launched and everything but my time has been spent elsewhere 'till now.

    The thing is, after having played for about 30 minutes (including the time it took to move 5 toons from old servers onto a new one) I got disconnected from the game. Ok, fine, no biggie right? Well, for some reason every time I try to relog it gives me an 'Error 2023'; message reading "Cannot connect to authentication server. Please try again in a few minutes."

    Now, it's been about 3 hours now and nothing has changed. The kicker is, I am even unable to open up Rift's main website. It just keeps loading and loading and doesn't even give a "web timed out" message. Even on the log-in screen that pops up when you launch the game the pictures and links to the left of it aren't even showing up.

    Is this a normal occurance or just a random act of annoyance? Either way, can someone tell me what is going on? I would contact Trion but they will not be responsive for another 4 hours or so.

    Note: I am a night owl and working the mid shift for the last 4 months or so has put me on a night schedule so it's not like I'm just staying up and pulling my hair out. If I can't figure this out I'll just go and watch some more of Game of Thrones on blue-ray and wait to call the Trion hot-line at 9ET.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well the support hours are pretty long, and seven days a week: contact support. You can call them for free on their US support number from anywhere in the world using Skype.

    I've done a search on this issue, mostly it seems that that error message is due to your ISP misidentifying the traffic to RIFTs servers as P2P or some other undesirable/low priority traffic and restricting or blocking it. Who is your ISP?
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    I know I had this issue when trying to play Rift when using the internet off my iphone. If you're using a proper internet connection then probably look at what Tarien said above.

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    I also had the issue when only using a slow connection. I've done some research in the issue but can not pinpoint it to your details. Perhaps there is an underlying packet routing issue.

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    Try to clean your "dns cache". Open cmd, ipconfig /flushdns.
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