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    If it makes you feel better, I am in the beta and I will not gain any kind of advantage because when the game goes live I plan to play through normal mode solo at my own pace so that I can see the story and explore all that every zone has to offer cause in multiplayer there is no way that would happen. But after that I plan on 4manning it through nm,hell and into inferno with my rl friends.
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    It's a Diablo game. Thus it has one mechanic.

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    Ya i think Karadros got it right sadly..
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    Sylvanas is flawless and should be canonized as a saint.

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    lol dude just play the game when it comes out and have fun doing it it doesn´t matter if you don´t know the mechanics you will know when you start playing.
    for me i´m not rushing the gameplay i wanna enjoy a game i've been waiting for too damn long lol

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    I feel that people in beta who are used to playing not the first quest (which is a small part of the game) but the game mechanics in general can just run through the beginning content with no learning curve on how to use the systems and UI in the game will be at an unfair advantage for the first few days of release.

    -Advantage to those people who want to hit max level first
    -Advantage for those people who place items on GAH or RMAH the first few days

    Considering when a new expansion came out in wow, items such as herbs and pre max level blues were going for 10x the price they are going for after the first week of release.

    -There are people smart enough to not buy these over priced items, but there are a bunch who will.
    The game mechanics for D3 are very similar to D2 and are very easy to get accustomed to. *I beta tested D2 back in the day, and don't feel as though levelling a barbarian to lvl 20 and doing cold plains runs for gem shrines gave me any advantage over those who didn't do it. *I mean we're looking at a very small fraction of the normal campaign, so an extremely small fraction of the game. *

    People will buy stuff regardless of price or whether they were in the beta or not. *Games are enjoyed by adults with jobs with pay cheques who see games as a legitimate form of entertainment worthy of spending money on. *To each their own, but this really doesn't affect anyone but that person.

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    There is virtually no advantage to people in beta over those yet to be in beta. To compound this, go to any live d3 beta stream on the net, watch a few hours of it, and you're right there with the beta demo'er. Its literally that ho hum. There's just no complexity to the game play really and that's the intended design from all that I've experienced with it.

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    There are tons of videos on YouTube to give you a full idea of what is available to beta players. I have posted a play through for each class on my YouTube channel so you can even see the basic gameplay of each class. If you are really that curious you can check them out.

    Yes, beta players have a slight edge since they will be very familiar with the beginning of the game and the basic mechanics of the Diablo 3 UI. If you are interested in the game, just play it and enjoy it when it releases. There is no real need to rush the game. If you really want to rush it, watch a million videos so you have an idea what you will see.

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    The beta testers you are so against make sure you have a better more steamlined game with fewer bugs when it's officially released.

    So don't go down the road where you are gonna hate on beta testers, they invest their time for your sake. Now.. sit down, have a cookie, thank a beta tester!
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    A better expansion.
    There is really no advantage at all, if you really want to see the beta

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    this is not an mmo. dont think in first kills, advantages and so on...

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    Every game that has ever had a Beta, technically the people testing that game had an advantage, although that's kind of silly when it comes to Diablo 3 since the mechanics are fairly easy to get along with. I think the only way they are going to have an advantage is they might know the first section of the game well enough to fly through it but thats about it.

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    You can watch videos of the entire beta to get an idea of what is done in that part of the story not much has changed actually the recent update made everything more simple for casual players in my personal opinion.

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