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    Best looking Priest mount? Shadow / Holy?

    Mostly from an RP perspective but, what mount looks/works best for a Priest? Both Shadow and Holy/Disc? I'm currently using the Bronze Drake and it just looks terrible. Thanks.

    Flying and/or ground mount, btw.
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    Assuming you're Horde, which from your sig it appears you are, the White Undead Horse from Argent Crusade dailies in Icecrown imo.

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    Netherdrake imo.

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    Headless horseman reins

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    Invincible. Good luck getting that, though.

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    I rock the flametalon of alyz combined with glyph of shadowform. For some reason it looks very cool with a partial shadowform and makes the mount have a darker orange glow. Without the glyph, shadwform takes out most of the orange and non-shadowform makes the mount to bright for my liking.

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    I find mounts suit races more than classes tbh.

    But as a priest... a straight up horse usually looks ok for healing.

    For shadow I like anzu, shadowform works really nicely with it.

    Otherwise I just rock whatever the latest tier nonawful looking mount is.
    Which right now is the t13 meta drake / Tarecgosa's. /epeen, I guess, but I actually do like how it looks and the 'lore'.
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    Flametalon of Alysrazor for glyphed shadow

    And White Skeletal Horse for holy imo

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    definitely the headless horseman's reins

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    I think the shadow priest on the Iron-Bound proto drake is the best looking mount combo in the game.
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    I just love the Alysrazor mount as an undead priest, it's really cool both with and without the shadowform glyph.

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    Drake of the West Wind in shadowform for sure

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    For RP purposes, keep it simple. Either a horse type mount or your racial mount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skoorb View Post
    Assuming you're Horde, which from your sig it appears you are, the White Undead Horse from Argent Crusade dailies in Icecrown imo.
    That was my favorite before I faction changed.

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    For shadow: Crimson Deathcharger or Dark Phoenix
    For holy: Heart of the Aspects or Time-Lost Proto Drake

    just what I think, gl getting some new mounts!

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    The pink flamingo looks excellent.

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    For holy I like tyeral's charger and for shadow I would like to have invincible or Headless horseman mount, but I use the black drake from OS 10

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    I was a fan of the Argent Hippogryf from a Holy perspective. It's not as over the top as Tyrael's Charger...

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    Shadow: Tarecgosa, Ashes of Alar, Drake of the X Wind (they come in a variety of neat contrast colours to shadowform!)

    Disc/Holy: Winterspring Frost Saber, Invincible, Crimson Deathcharger, Snowy Griffon - all come in priestly colours
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    For Shadow, either Ironbound Proto Drake or Vitreous Stone Drake.

    Holy.... ummmm... Mechano Hog or Kor'kron Annihilator. ^_^

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