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    Best Mount ever imo !

    Its the new Scroll mount in unglyphed Shadow Form lol
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    can you use shadow form while transformed into the sandstone drake? ive been wanting that mount on my priest for ages but i dont think i have ever seen a priest with one on my server, i think a shadow drake would look amazing with no rider <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigyin109 View Post
    can you use shadow form while transformed into the sandstone drake? ive been wanting that mount on my priest for ages but i dont think i have ever seen a priest with one on my server, i think a shadow drake would look amazing with no rider <3
    Yes you can Me and Lunarosa give each other rides on ours in Shadowform - and it even puts the rider in shadowform!
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    For holy I'd say the icecrown daily white skeletal warhorse or the swift white hawkstrider

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    Corrupted Egg of Millagazor in Shadowform. I'll keep it forever.

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    Got my drake of the east wind from the t11 glory achievement a few weeks back and that thing looks amazing in shadow from (glyphed)

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    I think Ashes and alysrazor mount looks really awesome,raggy mount is nice too

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    Mount of "Scarab Lord" scepter of azjaqir

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    Drake of the North Wind in unglyphed Shadowform. No freakin contest. The electric blue accents show through the dark purple, and it just looks unlike anything else in the game:

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    Flametalon of Alysrazor looks very cool in shadow form. In my opinion unglyphed looks cooler, but it isn't as noticable if you're the type to enjoy showing off.
    Crimson deathcharger is as close to a shadow priest class mount as you'll get. It has the same color scheme and looks to me like a "shadowy steed" worthy of our class.


    Dark phoenix is a great option, albeit a common one.
    Corrupted firehawk looks absolutely stunning in shadow form.
    Tyrael's charger also looks amazing in shadow form.

    I personally steer away from unglyphed shadowform because I like to show off my transmog and tabard, as well as some of the recolored mounts I use. For example I use the TCG mount Blazing Hippogryph which is substantially rarer than the firelands daily mount, but in shadow form it looks just like any old hippogryph.
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    for shadow, as someone said OS 25 man nether drake is bad ass, for ground i LOVE my forsaken warhorse, its by far my favorite ground mount, but maybe thats because im forsaken
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    White Hawkstrider looks good if you're Alliance.
    But yeah as most people have said, Horse-type mounts looks great and so do the Firehawks.

    But it mostly depends on your Race, not Class
    Trolls look great on Raven Lord.
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    Crimson charger

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    Shadow: Purple FL raidachievement mount (makes it look pretty sick, as posted earlier in this thread)
    Holy: Winterspring Saber or Spectral Steed
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    If you are undead I like baron rivendares mount, keeps it a bit RP but has some extra graphics. Looks better as sahdow of course.

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    Shadow: unglyphed Spectral Tiger

    unglyphed Aeonaxx

    Holy: Flametalon of Alysrazor

    Ashes of A'lar

    Unfortunately I haven't got Ashes of A'lar yet and I've sold the only Spectral Tiger I got

    Now I just use Flametalon and Aeonaxx when in both specs.

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    The alyz mount or the smoldering egg of millagazor is a great choice for shadows in my opinion.

    Here a screen from the egg with unglyphed shadowform:

    With glyph its orange. The colours are so unique as a shadow that sometimes people ask where i get this special looking mount
    Im sorry for my bad english :P

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    The vengeful nether drake!

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    I've had my snowy white gryphon forever (was my first flying mount) and I still fly it as shadow. It's simple, clean and very nice-looking. It's also, oddly enough, somewhat unusual since everyone else seems to be chasing after rare mounts.

    Just my opinion though.

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