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    Enjoy your questing while it last, it's a blast. When you turn level 50 it gets booring.
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    Quote Originally Posted by macro View Post
    now I've just got star wars and i think the questing is superb, i find the talks with the quest givers to be interesting and is a large step up from WOW quest givers where it is just a wall of text. however what do you think of it, i know that some have said that it is to slow paced or they are not interested in it but having there talks with the quest givers and the choice of being cruel and not having a set alignment to being good or evil is a leap forward in MMO questing.

    what is your take on it?
    I really liked the voiced quests the first time through. It was okay the second time through. By the third time, fourth, fifth? As someone with "altitus," the fact that TOR is so linear really hurt its replayability for me. You get one run as Republic and one run as Empire. Only about ten percent or so of the content is class specific. The other ninety percent is identical and that really got old fast with rerolls.

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    All it has is voice overs. The quests themselves are the same boring old templates we have all seen before. It amused me for a few weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalfrezi View Post
    So you sat there with the various 3 options in front of you for hours? deciding whether to be polite, rude, or indifferent. WOW.
    Well not on the side quests, but on class quests yeah. I even logged out once to get on an alt in order to decide. Then again i'm one of those diehard rpg fans that makes a whole backstory for their character etc etc.

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