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    I think it should be slowed down just a touch for 1-60. But for people to learn how to play, rather than just mash buttons, Blizzard needs to add a helpful tutorial hint specifically stating "Read your damn ability tooltips! To do this, hover over each icon on your toolbar and read the message displayed on the right side of your screen."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaltLakeAtrocity View Post
    After having played this game since the release of BC, I can say that i find very little to no enjoyment in leveling whatsoever. *its a worst grind than just about any rep grind or achievement grind i can think of thus far (except maybe Insane in the Membrane), and offers little to nothing in return for this effort until you finally do grudgingly make it to endgame content (which as of late has been more and more disappointing).

    if it wasn't for the fact that you'd see too many people level-capped people people who don't even know basic functions of their characters (not that those don't exist anyways >_>), I'd be all for a instant level-cap button. *
    Yep, I think people would gladly pay 10 dollars as well for the feature if they implemented it.

    Shouldnt we go to the extreme and demand that you cant ding max level unless you have loremaster completed all quests in every zone, I mean that forces people to learn the character and see the game as well. when really all it will do is create a massive grind.

    It seems like a perfect way to make sure blizzard will lose customers oh you just bought Mist of Pandaria etc etc and is starting out from scratch to play with your friends oh sorry guys i cant get to your place for another 4 months since some wannabe elites think i should see the content in a really really slow mode just so he can be happy.

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    Questing does not equal learning to play the game.

    I for one HATE questing / leveling and wish that it was tuned to be faster for those that already have level 85's. Say 5% additional experience per level 85 character or something.

    Or, I would pay say 10$ for a level 80 character, since 80-85 can be used to actually learn the mechanics of any class.

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    I dunno, its enjoyable atm imo. Altho i like the korean MMOs, where u have to play for months alot, to get the max level.

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    Sorry but I disagree, slowing down the leveling process might be good for new players as you suggest but I, like others, find questing to be very tedious once i've already leveled to 85 already especially if you have leveled other alts before.

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    the game doesnt start til max level anyway. i 100% disagree. the leveling process takes too long. ive spent almost a whole day /played and im only level 78. lol.

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    I think the intent is too make the lvling process from 1-current cap, about the same time from over the expansions, and with more lvl's to get, obviously each lvl will have to take less time to complete to compensate. Obviously its quicker now to go 1-85 than 1-60 in vanilla time but i dont mind the overall goal.

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    I agree, there also another problem. Which is that low level mobs are way to weak. You almost 2-3 shot everything and only time that you are in danger of dying is when you go afk. This is also the case without heirlooms.

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    There is nothing stopping you from finishing the zone. The quests are grey? So what? If you want to finish the zone, finish it. You want to slow your lvling process down? Do grey quests, do green quests. Want to make it even slower? Take off some equipment, make it more challenging. There is no rules in game that say you have to wear all of your gear or do only yellow / orange quests. I don't see the problem here.

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    It's already slow enough as it is. Levelling is so boring after the second time that I just can't do it anymore the normal way.
    I'm now in a RAF-phase and actually enjoy it again because it's so fast.

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    Maybe they should have a tick box option

    1) I want to enjoy the whole levelling experience and want it to go slow enough for me to do that
    2) My raid team needs a <insert role/spec/class>. I need to get to max level as quickly as possible
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    i actually think it needs speeding up, leveling a new character always seams like such a daunting task.

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    I completely agree with this. When I level my alts I always do it with zero heirlooms, so that I don't oneshot all mobs, and so that I level at a reasonable pace. If you for example go and do a dungeon, you will be way ahead of your zone already. It's a bit too much.
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    if you really want to see the zones you quest in, why do you care about the quests going grey? the content is still there. the quest is a tiny bit easyer, and you will lvl slower compared to going to next zone.

    for me i want lvling to be even faster as its boring as crap.

    oh and i bet you also use heirlooms for your lvling experience. unequip those and it goes slower. Dont que for dungeons as they are extremly fast XP for low lvl. and only log out in the open world to not benefit from rested. This should solve most issues for those that would like to lvl slower.

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    Quests are a design flaw.

    Blizzard had it for a while in Vanilla and BC, but as levels increased, I believe they realized where they fucked up. Filling zones with tiny camps of mobs with the same quests you have to repeat each time to level.

    Quests were, for a while, cool and new in the MMORPG scene. Now they're grindy and bogged down and no one wants to do them because they take time and effort to approach and accomplish to the point where at 15 most people just do 5 mans forever.

    I hope the next gen MMO revitalizes the way leveling works, because if it's "go to hub, load up log, go to location, go to location, go to location, go to hub." I'm not going to be playing it. I would much rather say, "I'm going to kill Centaur today," sit down at a Centaur camp, and camp it, killing as many Centaur as I could, going back to town on rare occasion, and slowly gaining levels that way like in the EverQuest days. I don't like saying "I have two quest lines I can do in Silverpine or Barrens, cool." and that being the only viable way to level aside from instant teleports to dungeons after long queues for anyone who isnt a healer or tank. It's just irritating. Take out a bunch of quests and just make mobs give way more exp so you actually move from different level mob camps and dont just turn in huge lists of quests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedleyazg View Post
    It should be slowed down so new players can actually learn how to play the game.
    New players don't level as fast as older players due to heirlooms and such. Go level with no guild and no heirlooms and tell me it's too fast.

    Leveling was the worst part of the game back in classic and up until wotlk, in my opinion. It took forever to get nowhere. Now i actually have fun doing it and have multiple 85s.
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    I think levelling as a whole needs to go. Other kinds of games don't lock new players out of the main part of the game ("endgmame") for weeks or months until they "master" their character and they manage just fine. Quests are great for telling a story, but I'm sure they include the storytelling without making it a mandatory gameplay mechanic players are forced to go through to get to the "good stuff".

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    Nope, because for majority of people leveling is a painful grind until you hit 85.

    Do you know that only small number of people actually read these quests?

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    Leveling doesn't need to be slowed down, it needs to be removed from the game entirely. It's an archaic mechanism that is included in the game for reasons of historical inertia.
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    I also hate the fact that leveling is so damn easy/fast nowdays.But can we do?The developers think it's for the best, and most people agree.

    If you are a completionist - your best bet is no heirlooms and the 'stop exp' option.

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