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    Only read the OP, not the many... many replies.

    I think leveling is both too fast and too long. It's too fast because you level so quickly, especially in the low levels, that gaining a level doesn't feel special, and you outlevel zones halfway through. It's too long because it still takes 60 or more hours to get a character to level cap unless you're extremely efficient and experienced with the game. It does not take 50 hours to learn a class, especially when most of those hours are spent in content that is ridiculously trivial in difficulty, and often played missing key abilities. Player power has scaled so much at level that I do more personal DPS on a typical level 70 character than an entire party in leveling gear did in Wrath. You don't learn anything useful doing that--- you don't have fights long enough to learn your rotation, you never need to use utility spells, and the incoming damage is trivial.

    If they ever revamp the leveling experience again, my off the cuff suggestion would be for Blizzard to go back and adjust the levels. Drop the level cap back down to 60 (with or without a stat squish at the same time; with no squish a new level 55 has the stats of a current level 90) and, at the same time, reduce the total XP needed to hit cap by 33% or so of what it is for 1-90, and make the existing questing experience overlap a lot more to provide more options. For example, make vanilla zones get you high enough level to hit either Cataclysm or Mists quests upon finishing, say, Blasted Lands or Sithilus, with Outland and Northrend as alternatives to what are currently the 30-60 questing zones. Adjust the classic raids to be, for example, at level 30 for vanilla, then 40, 45, 50, and 55 for the other expansions, with the new raids at level 60. That way, each individual level is longer, but the total time to level is shorter and you can do entire zones without outleveling them.

    At the same time, they should either retune low level characters or the enemies, especially in dungeons, to make the game closer to the intended difficulty. I don't want Cata hard for leveling content-- it does need to be easy at first so newbies can get their feet. I just want bosses to last more than 15 seconds and tanks to be permitted to tank properly (instead of the current 'lol ezmode' that has all the DPS pulling what they feel like and never dying.)

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    Levelling is intolerably slow already. There is a need to speed it up by a factor of 2 at least, not this ridiculous statement.

    I remember levelling up in Kalimdor to have level 53 after totally cleaning Ungoro and Silithius. Having the heirloom cloak, hat and pants on! That was ridiculous.
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    Wonder if the OP uses full heirloom sets
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    They've already nerfed the dungeon quest xp to shait because people whined that they would outlvl a zone if they did dungeons. You can keep questing in the zone even if you've outlvl'd it...
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    After trying to level my 5th alt from 85-90 I can tell you it's plently slow as is. If anything it should be sped up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by threadz View Post
    After trying to level my 5th alt from 85-90 I can tell you it's plently slow as is. If anything it should be sped up.
    Yea, but the pre-60 leveling is still too fast.

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    why would you want the leveling process to go even slower as it is leveling means very little to the character, if it way more of a journey and had meaning then the leveling may be more enjoyable and could take longer but as it is now there is very little that is relevant to your char while leveling, if WoW leveling was more like ToR then is would be much more fun since even though ToR has flaws the leveling at least once or twice per faction was fun and at least had meaning for your char.

    If your a casual player that most of the wow community is then a slower leveling process would be so long most wouldnt last till max level, the average casual will take up to a month to level their first char so an increase in leveling time would be very bad.

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    I guess the people saying you learn how to play a class during levelling, haven't actually levelled anything but one character.
    Levelling needs to be sped up even more in my opinion, the only way I can enjoy levelling is to RaF myself. I have 8 characters stuck on level 80 now because after that it's just to damn slow.

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    Leveling is bit too slow for my tastes. And you do not learn much from leveling.

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    Leveling is still too slow for my taste, even in heirlooms, with rested every step of the way. It was okayish when I leveled my monk with its bonus experience, but even that became shitty as hell at 80+.
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    I'm not quite sure how this thread managed to float around for 7 days after it'd been necro'd from a year previous, but I'm closing it here so that people stop trying to respond to the extremely old initial post and responses.

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