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    So logged into RIFT lastnight...

    bored out of my mind. My sub had expired at the end of 10/12 after playing since had start, so I didn't know if I had to pay or not (I was willing to..). Turned out I had 3 free days.

    After downloading patch 1.7, I was in. I had forgotten how beautiful the game is and was very impressed at how smoothly the game now runs.

    After respecing and checking out my gear (still top rank pvp gear), I joined a warzone. Again visually beautiful, but I couldn't focus on what was going on. I remember this the first time I did a warzone, same feeling. It was like a big mosh pit. I logged out shortly after.

    To my surprise the reading of quest text for my daily didn't feel that bad, that didn't bother me. What did was the movement and feel of my toon. Yes RIFT was very smooth, but compared to my Bounty Hunter (PT) the toon felt hollow. In that warzone I never once looked at my resources, and the combat animations felt detached from my actions.

    This is were I feel SW:ToR and BioWare have separated themselves from the pack. The attachment of time and movement to ability action.
    It just feels real. Going forward I think this will have a greater impact on the genre than full voice acting.

    Until last night I thought the voice acting was the most defining element of SW:ToR. It's not. /tipshat to the BioWare team.

    ps-No knock on RIFT. I'm still in love with the philosophy of the Trion development team. I don't think there is a better team out there (These guys are smart).

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    Well, it's not just that...SWTOR may not be very original, but what they did, they did right, and that resulted in what is, imo, the best MMO out there.

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    i think it is hardly fair to call tor the best mmo out there, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and my post and yours are infact that.

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    OP you should know better than to post any positives opinions about swtor on this forum. I agree with you 100% but it's just not a good place to post stuff that's actually positive about the game.

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    When I feel burnout in TOR, I log into other MMOs myself, play for a short bit then log back into TOR, it is really amazing how much my appreciation for TOR increases after it!

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    Do not make SWTOR vs [insert game here] Threads.

    Please read the stickies prior to posting they are there for a reason. Threads like this unfortunately have a way of causing game vs game discussion which leads to negative discussion.

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