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    best spec for leveling?

    hi im currently leveling a sith marauder i was wondering which tree was the best way to go about leveling.

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    I leveled Annihilation. It's quite good - has good burst, sustained, and self healing.
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    I levled a bit as Carnage, but then i respecced to Annihilation and it went much better, so i'd recommend annihilation aswell.

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    There is only one workable Mara spec atm and it's Annihilation. Focus works fine but you may aswell have just rolled a Jugg instead, their toolset just suits it better (got a 50 Mara and working on lvl 44 Guardian as new main so thats not just an assertion) and Carnage whilst workable just doesn't compare to Annihilation. So ye....level as Anni and stay Anni, the self healing does wonders for your downtime and it's got the best sustained DPS of the 3 trees.

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    I've been leveling a Marauder as well right now and I've been Annihilation since level 10.

    I'll probably try out Carnage when i can get all the Ataru talents... it looks like it's a very bursty spec.

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    i've tried 10-20 as annihilation and although the marauder class isn't my kind of class, i still enjoyed it.

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    Which is the best solo class?

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    anhilation with its improved mobility and self heals is top lols. was initially carnage but anhi is much more fun. having to use a game pad to cope with all the binds needed though.

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    I personally leveled carnage/combat.. but then I also leveled with a sage and vanguard... so I didn't need to worry about survivability to much. If you are going to solo a lot, Annihilation/Watchman would probably be the easiest. At least until you get your healing companion.

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    Carnage and splashed points in annihilation worked best for me, but you can google it and see some pretty decent cookie cutter build just to help boost survivability if thats your issue. Which it was for me after about level 30.

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