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    Question about female trooper romance / responses

    Does anyone know if there is a single choice (flow-chart style) that changes the course of options?

    I was playing around with choosing different options to respond, and the game decided that I didn't hit "esc" fast enough--and the first option my female trooper had to flirt w/ Jorgan in some time went by the boards with no way to change it. (I asked customer service, even...)

    Anyone know if you can flirt later if you don't rise to the bait about "checking ordnance" and just say, "Good idea" and no flirting options chosen?

    That'll teach me, I guess....

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    Flirt options are always available even if you skip them initially. Kira Carsen was bugged for male Jedi Knights until recently. If you flirted with her the first time, she wouldn't talk to you again after. So you had to skip flirting with her the first time to avoid bugging her out. There was still the option to flirt with her later. Just keep up with the affection quests with Jorgan and you'll get a second shot to flirt with him eventually. My trooper's male so not sure what level of affection you need to trigger the second quest with flirt options, but it'll pop up eventually. Then you can continue on your merry way.

    I'd just recommend to immediately pick the marriage option with him when it pops up since you might be too slow to hit esc and miss marrying him as is the case with Mako and apparently Nadia Grell at the moment. Better safe than sorry.

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