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    diablo money

    Hello, sorry if theres a lot of threats like these or is just stupid to ask this, but, theres some trust information about how can we will handle the game real money? how much we got for each amount of money sold?

    thank you very much and again, sorry if this overused


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    2 auction houses :
    1 for gold

    1 for real money
    2 different cuts depending on how many items you put on before
    a) you still have free listings remaining
    You put an item on auction house for $5 and because you still have free listings you don't have to pay for it.
    Item sells for $5 and you'll get a little bit less than $5 depending on the auction house cut.

    How much that auction house cut is I don't know and I don't think anyone knows.

    b) don't have any free listings left
    Same as above but you also pay a little bit of real money taken off your account balance to put the item on the auction house.

    That's about it I think.
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    They removed the free listings allocations thing, you just list for free by default but can only have a maximum of 10 items up at any one time. If/when your item sells Actiblizz then takes a % cut of the sale price, afaik they have not yet revealed exactly how much the cut will be but it will almost certainly be determined by the overall sale price.

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    At the moment in the beta you can do not pay a fee for a listing; if it doesn't sell, you never pay. However, you can only have a maximum of 10 listings up at the same time (but if they all sell, you can list more, just only 10 at once). In the beta, the minimum bid for an item is $1.50 and the blizzard fee is $1.25 meaning you get a $0.25 profit if you sell an item at the minimum price. They have already said these numbers may be subject to change; and we don't know how the fees will be converted for different countries either yet as far as I'm aware.

    If you then cash out to paypal, paypal itself (not blizzard), takes a fee of 3.4% of all incoming payments on a personal account. (If you have a merchant paypal account the fees are lower, but the threshold for receiving that in the UK is £1500+ a month received to your paypal account.)

    They have not announced if/what the fee for "cashing out" will be that I've seen. There may not be one, but well - we don't know, there could be.

    Alternatively you can avoid the paypal fee or any "cashing out" fee (if there is one), by spending the money in your blizzard account at the blizzard store.

    I *think* my information is correct as to what we know but if I'm wrong on something I'm sure someone will point it out

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