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    Diablo 3 Witch Doctor spec

    Hey everyone, ive currently come up with a spec i think is gunna be amazing for us but i dont know yet its a toss up i would like to get all of your responses and tell me what you would do to improve it and stuff since it seems its gunna be like a warlock which is what i play in wow so
    im totally gunna be down for playing witchdoctor and being elite and being known as one of the best or get to that point hopefully!
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    I honestly have no idea what the goal of this spec is, that would be something to clarify certainly. I'm going to guess it's for solo PvE, so...

    I like it generally, it's (fairly) similar to what I'm looking at for my WD. Big Bad Voodoo + Slam Dance isn't something I would use solo, though, and I feel you'd be much better off with either Zombie Dogs or Wall of Zombies to have a buffer for yourself. You also don't have anything very single-target oriented (other than Haunt, but you can't really spam that), which could be a problem for bossfights. Horrify might be a candidate for dropping, but as I'm not in the beta I'm having a hard time deciding exactly how useful that will end up being.

    It seems to me that Rush of Essence is really weak for anything that isn't an almost exclusively Arcane spec... if you need the extra mana (again, not on the beta so I can't judge how much is being consumed very well), I'm convinced Spiritual Attunement will be much stronger. And if you don't need the mana, Jungle Fever is absurdly good as well.
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    I'm going to go with:

    It's mostly meant as a support build, sacrificing extra damage for massive amounts of CC, which will make killing things slow, perhaps, but could function well in party play, allowing others more reaction-time. I'm really looking forward to playing this specific build to see how well it functions. I'll be playing HC, so the reduced incoming damage and life regen is probably a good idea to carry around.

    If it turns out to be too hard to solo due to this build, I'll likely adapt it slightly for solo play, but I think I'll manage up till Inferno.

    - Rush of Essence is a filler passive until I find out what actually works best.
    - Since slows probably don't stack, I might swap out one or the other with more damage or utility. Perhaps even self-healing.

    Alternatively, I will probably enjoy playing this spec as well:

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