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    Best looking alliance race for a shaman?

    Hey guys, I want your opinion on this:

    I really want a Shaman alt but I can't pick a race.. I love the way goblins look, cast etc but they're horde.. Any suggestions on alliance side, with possible reasons why?

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    male dwarf.. they're bad ass even though i play horde on both my shamans.. my choices would be #1 orc male then #2 dwarf male

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    Meh, I think they all look fine. I like how Dwarves look, and I like female Draenei, and in certain armor sets, even male Draenei look ok.

    Dwarven males I think are the coolest for it though. Since you like goblins, it won't be hard to stick with a midget race :-P
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    Female Dranaie for me.

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    Female Draenei, IMO.
    Their models are awesome, and they have really smooth animations. The only downside being that shoulders tend to be rather small on them.
    Male Dwarf is second.

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    Dwarf. Theyre small and drunk. and full of awesome.

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    Male dwarf is by far the best looking alliance shaman. It's badass.

    Good racial too Pesky poisons..

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    I wish God had given us all eyeballs so we could make these decisions on our own.

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    Female Tauren / Dwarf obviously.

    No, I'm not kidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow White View Post
    Female Tauren / Dwarf obviously.

    No, I'm not kidding.
    my original shaman was female tauren, they do look good as shamans

    but as for alliance, Male dwarf/draenei, armor sets look good on the male draenei, check out my shaman Windfurious
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    Male dwarf > male draenei > female draenei >>>>>>> female dwarf.

    I would place female as equal to male draenei but everyone and their mother plays one. Its beyond the special snowflake thing, its do you literally want to be like 95% of the other shaman on an alliance server?

    Plus female draenei waggle annoys me, I get that females are sexualized but to that degree? Does my hero really need to go around shaking her massive ass every time she walks? I just cant take it seriously at all.

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    Female Draenei...I also like male Dwarves...I guess I'm leaning towards the cliches...but I'm rather indifferent to female Dwarves and male Draenei scare me with all that bulk.

    Male Draenei also remind me of Commander Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation o.O

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    dwarf for sure.. especially female. dem female dwarfs. uh yeh

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    Female Draenei only option

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    Male dwarf enhancement shaman animations are pretty sweet, what with the overhead smash for stormstrike.

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    drenai female /thread

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    Another vote for female Draenei. Followed by male dwarf if I had to choose.
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    From a horde perspective, I would say male Draenei. Nothing worse then a blue*static enhancement shaman beating the hell out of you

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    I totally thought these types of threads were forbidden anyway.

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