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    Retri paladin in 4.0.x (4.1.x too?) had Divine storm doing low dmg (compared to TV) and did cost 3HP! Blizz decided to change that cuz it was rly an "unused" spell to what we have now (6s cd, making HP instead of costing). As we look on MoP atm, divine strom is back to the point of 4.0.x (low dmg 3 hp cost). Didint blizz learn anything from cata? it wasnt so long ago...

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    Yay! Start doing news for all mmo!

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    My Question would be: How's the status on more character slots per realm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post
    It's doing rather well. Had 1.7 million players last time Bioware gave numbers.
    and lost 1 Million as known from mmojunkies
    Welcome to the worst MMO ever created: I think I would be infracted from the Star W...wait, from these bullshit game fanboy moderators for telling the truth

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    More pandaren And monk info,new gear design and more zone previews,more on the MoP questline,dungeons,reputation, and new spells and animations,plus screenshots.

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    The talent calculator suggests that Demonology Warlocks can stay in Demon Form all the time. Coupled with tank-level defenses and threat, does this mean Demo Warlocks are to be viable tanks in 5.0?

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    Now that hunters are having melee slots removed, I would -really- love to know if we might see the possibility of dual-wield range in the future, to add more diversity to the class.And no pressure, but this may be the expansion's most important question: In terms of pet battles, will orphan fights during Children's Week be possible? Because I already owe a lot of bookies...

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    QUOTE=gurv;15857032]Oh, thank you, I didn't notice.
    But last I checked MMO-Champ news were nigh WoW exclusive despite its name (or at least Blizzard related).
    If I wanted SWTOR news, I'd go to Darthhater.[/QUOTE]
    I think MMO-Champion being mostly WoW-Related for a long time due to the lack of other MMO news roundups isn't eternal (doesn't need to be, at least). Just saying there's no problem about a SWTOR news here. I think MMOChamp could put Rift news upfront too, I like it being really MMO-oriented than just WoW-related.

    And I agree about DarthHater, but MMO being older, it's easier to flash things here, imo.
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    Anyway here's my real question, and is the deciding factor in whether or not I will actually come back to WoW.

    Are you going to re-introduce any *real* incentives for the more competitive side of raiding or will it be similar to the current model for the forseeable future?

    While I have every confidence that at first the proposed Challenge modes will live up to their name and reward appropriately, after the Cataclysm debacle I have little confidence that it will not be adjusted to make them more accesible.The Special-Snowflake term is one I hate, and is thrown around negatively, yet it is a fundamental part of why people (used) to play MMO's. I am all for making raid content accessible, yet as of Dragon Soul there is effectively zero incentive for taking the more challenging approach in this game other than enhanced stats. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stick around for years and whine about the situation hoping for it to change, I'd rather know in advance so I can take my money elsewhere quietly.

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    I have next question for Press Tour:

    With so many changes being planned for game mechanics, do you plan to rework how ratings' system works entirely? As a stats, taken together with mana cost of abilities, they heavily penalize players during level-up, especially at higher levels. It also leads to many abnormal situations, where, in example, you have hit cap against mob with fixed level X, and after level up you start getting misses against same mob of X level. Do you plan to address this issue?

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    Do you think the Challenges will be dominated by certain class combinations due to buff/debuff combinations? How do you think this will impact certain classes that bring little wrt DPS buffs, such as healing priests only bringing a Stamina buff?

    Leveling weapons are a concern for the new Monk class. Leveling a Monk from 1 to 85 will be an arduous process, will there be heirloom gear added for Monk leveling that we will have access to at level 80/85 to help things along? If no heirloom weapons will be available specifically, will there be new weapons options from quest rewards the whole way up?

    With the revamp to how talent trees will work in Mists of Pandaria, will players be able to change their talents as easily as in Diablo III or will a visit to class trainers be necessary?

    Can you tell us anything really cool about world PvP in MoP? Will there be any motivation for going out in the world and picking a fight?

    Many of us are at cap and would have to delete a character to make room for a Monk. Will you consider increasing the number of character slots allotted per server?

    Any information on how Inscription profession be effected by the talent revamps would be appreciated. How much is the glyphing system changing and is the profession getting anything new with MoP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    i would like to know what blizzard plan to do to get players out in the world, all they have said is they want to get people into the wolrd, but they also said this at the start of cata, and yea...
    They said:

    -VP Dailies spread around Pandaria. People will be doing them while in dungeon queue for bonus VP. Why wouldn't some one want free VP?
    -Scenarios have to be queued for at the location in the open world.
    -World bosses
    -Alliance and Horde hub which are close enough to replicate Southshore/Tarren Mill's distance...which should encourage world PvP which keeps people from afking in the city.
    -Many hidden easter eggs all over the world. Probably similar to the camel mount/statues.
    -Pet trainers for pet battles are spread around the world.
    -Bunch of other stuff I can't remember because it wasn't that prominent.

    They've given us pleeeenty of info about whats going to encourage people. I'd rather they ask a question that touches upon something we never heard about.


    My question:

    Ask them to go into depth about challenge mode dungeons. How will the ranking system will work for example. How many times do they plan on letting the debuff stack? Will it require a premade group?
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    A question about the melee dps monks and stuff about professions. Something along the lines of: "Do you plan to have Monk finishing moves work like rogues? If not, how so?" AND "Do you plan to add a new professions, if so what kind, if not how will you enhance the existing ones?"

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    I would really like to know if they plan on fixing the bugs plaguing the female worgen's animations and facial expressions. I know it may seem minor, but I think they should fix their most recent "new" model before diving in to create two new ones.

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    What will be the minimum system requirements/suggested system requirements be for Mists of Pandaria?

    Will we ever see a return of truly premade battleground groups? (Raid Group preforms)

    Are there any plans of making que times faster for rated battlegrounds, and will there be any incentives given to do rated battlegrounds mid season? (Most groups seem to do them in the beginning/end of each season for ratings and titles)

    Will there be an updated Auction House user interface with the introduction of pet trading/selling?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeLive View Post
    The talent calculator suggests that Demonology Warlocks can stay in Demon Form all the time. Coupled with tank-level defenses and threat, does this mean Demo Warlocks are to be viable tanks in 5.0?
    It shows it like that because the duration of Metamorphosis lasts a certain X amount depended on how much Demonic Fury you have.

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    Will Mop give us an extra 2 character spaces, and if not, why the hell not.

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    How far along is the Pet Battle System? I'm very interested in this and don't want it becoming the next Dance Studio.

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    hmmm questions,
    someone has already mentioned toon slots

    I would actually like to ask if the tradeskills are going to be more useful end game; As I am in a small guild and many of our players have gone I am only seeing dragon soul on lfr(apparently bloodscalp is quickly becoming a low pop server) and find crafting skills of little to no use as some of the mats needed come from raiding in regular mode, and inscription is pretty useless engame even if you are raiding.

    I would also like to see if there is something that can be done with boa gear after it is used to level(I have 4 sets now just taking up space).

    hmmm what else....Oh yeah, do they have anything planned to do with Karazhan....that whole zone and it's creepy vibe seems such a waste for it to sit there outdated

    also mage ports.....seems kinda silly but we have ports to the major cities...then outlands came along so we got stonard and shatt....northrend came about and we got dalaran.....cata we got tol borad but vashir and uldum IMO were much needed, can we expect the portals a mage can make to be updated
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    Pico looks like Chani from Dune (the computer game) damn I am getting old I guess...

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