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    only vanilla server idea

    why not make a only vanilla server for only people who played during vanilla. i m sure alot of vets like me would be interested in it

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    You play an mmo, mmo's advance and change. If you want a game that doesn't change so you can keep playing with no changes play a console game...

    edit..Did I mention the word change enough x)

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    1: Official forums are not here. This is a fansite, so this thread will fall on deaf ears here.
    2: Blizzard has already made the statement many times there is no point in it, as they want to spend the time and effort in developing the game further, not playing off some mis-guided sense of nostalgia that a terribly small portion of the playerbase have, that will wane in a few months at best.

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    Please see the closing messages for these:


    Look, this topic has been beaten to death. I've personally seen at least 25 - 30 threads here, alone. Blizzard has stated dozens of times it isn't happening.

    There is nothing left to discuss on it. We prefer not to see these types of threads continue.

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