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    A little help picking a new class

    Hey guys, so I've leveled a Sentinel to 50 and a Marauder to 34. I really like it but I want to try something else and need help deciding between a Guardian, Sage or Shadow. Can anyone tell me some similarities and differences when comparing a sentinel/marauder to those? I haven't looked into the classes much yet. Just thought I'd post to see what you guys think. Like which ones are the easiest/hardest to level and pvp with? Which has less/more complicated rotations or priorities? Thanks!

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    Well as far as your story line goes, it is going to be the same you just went through if you go the guardian rout since they are both knights.
    If you want to go something different, id go sage or shadow. Sage being your ranged dps/healer class and the shadow being a melle dps/tank class.
    I have a sith jugg at 50 and a sith assassin at 50 as well as a sith sorc at 40.All 3 play very different. While your sage and shadow may share some basic spells or abililties, they dont play the same at all. So id say witch ever you feel like going next. But id wait to do the guardian since your going to get the same story all over again, best to go with a new one to avoid getting bored hearing the same thing again so soon.

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    Yeah lol. Forgot that the story would be the same with a guardian. I'll probably go with a shadow/assassin. Is Assassin fun? Do they have a rotation or is it priority? How are they in pvp? I had a tough time getting the hang of my sentinel until like level 30. In pvp that is.

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