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    I have the lightbringer tabard. I have no need for any other tabards.

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    I exclusively wear my tabard of the lightbringer because it provides an awesome on use effect every 30mins.

    Also the amount of gold i spent obtaining the tabard, or amount of time i put into obtaining that gold makes that tabard the only choice in my eyes.
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    I'm currently using Blood Knight Tabard as it matches my Dark Iron set for my pally.

    Once I finish getting the Overlord set (belt and boots, getting look-a-likes for those tho), I'll have to sift thru my collection once again. I could go with Lightbringer, but I see to many of those lately... which is why I never used Judgement (or recolor) and why I'm switching from the Dark Iron set.

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    I almost never wear them since Transmogrification hit. Prior to that, I'd go with what worked best with my gear or which tabards I enjoyed wearing the most (usually Tabard of Flame or Tabard of the Lightbringer). These days I pretty much don't wear them on my main, and only on an alt if I want rep with whatever tabard I'm wearing.

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    I almost always use the tabard of conquest (IoC horde side) because it's frickin awesome. But sometimes I use the AB tabard for some variety or if the red IoC tabby doesn't fit with my current mog outfit.
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    I'm my guild's master. Therefore, I make the tabard however I wanted it (haven't changed it since Burning Crusade) and it's still better than any other tabard in the game. I don't see how people can stand not wearing tabards or shirts. I feel like my character is incomplete if I see an empty spot on the character sheet.

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