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    Busy republic servers EU PvE

    Are there actually any busy EU PvE servers for the republic side?

    I know that some of the Imperial ones hit around 170-200+ at peak time and would like to find one that is similar for the republic.

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    I'm on Nightmare Lands (PvE) and it's got the population your looking for. As I'm posting this theres 50 people on fleet when everyones meant to be at work, in the evenings it's at the 150-200 mark and I've never qued longer than 5 mins for PvP. Last time I looked at TOR status it's the third highest pop English realm, Red Eclipse (PvE) being second and Tomb of Freedon Nadd (PvP) being first.

    So ye, theres 3 realms you might want to check out.

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