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    I came up with a tought for here in MMo-champion forums, not mandatory or must-have but I think it would be nice little addition maybe sometime in the future.

    Sometimes when I am in school or work and I browse Mmo-champ I see threads that I like to read and possibly post in but when I have to leave I often forgot threads or wont find them(Just too lazy to look for them). To make it easier in threads there could be Track this thread button/option.

    They could show up somewhere in the front page when you are logged on, for example upper right corner?

    What do you guys and gals think? It isn't necessary or anything but could be nice little thing for those like browsing a lot.

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    You can use the 'subscribe to thread' to watch for new posts in the thread -- under Thread Tools -> Subscribe to this thread. By default, I think you're automatically subscribed to any thread you post in.

    Then, you can see all of your subscriptions here:

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    Did not know that actually, thank you It is little hidden but now I know it exists I will find it.

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    At the top of the thread on each page it says 'Thread Tools', just click that and select 'Subscribe to thread'
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