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  • Tactician - Work on military tactics and plans to gain the upper hand

    21 9.68%
  • Kill Myself

    10 4.61%
  • Lead a small group of people belonging to a larger one

    27 12.44%
  • Soldier - Do the best fighting you can so the human race survives

    45 20.74%
  • Tech research - Work on finding ways to get the upper hand

    32 14.75%
  • Screw it, im going into a bunker and hiding till it blows over

    36 16.59%
  • Lead a large group of people as in a country

    7 3.23%
  • Become leader of the world - Cause I think i can handle it

    7 3.23%
  • Defect - Screw it, we're gonna lose, might as well switch to the other side

    20 9.22%
  • Medic - Use your healing skills to get us to victory

    12 5.53%
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  1. #21
    defect. I'd rather be on the winning side

  2. #22
    I probably wouldn't care less about either side.

  3. #23
    Merely a Setback Adam Jensen's Avatar
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    Fuck you guys, I'm joining them.

  4. #24
    I would throw the CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!

    Srsly though - medic

  5. #25
    i would lead a big army to battle and help my soldiers by fighting at there side RAMBO style!

  6. #26
    If there's aliens and they're not evil (as in, we made contact and humans got greedy seeing the riches on the alien planet and thought they could take them on and threw nukes at them thinking they're a weak alien race and aliens retaliated and showed advanced tech, I'd join the aliens.

    Other then that, probably either lead a small group of people or hide in a bunker. Because I can.

  7. #27
    I'm just gonna pretend the invaders are 40k Tyranids as in no way of victory, in that case I would kill myself, defect or hide in a bunker.

  8. #28
    Quote Originally Posted by Kejinx View Post
    I'm just gonna pretend the invaders are 40k Tyranids as in no way of victory, in that case I would kill myself, defect or hide in a bunker.
    nah get a gun in 1 hand, a chainsaw in the other and kill some filthy xenos, demons, and heretic traitors!
    The world was just as bad when you were young as it is today. You only see it now because of your age.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Razeo's Avatar
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    I'd probably be a leader of a small group, like a squad of some sorts. Probably a captain or lieutenant rank

  10. #30
    How about the "Run MoFo Run" class?

  11. #31
    Same roll as every human would play, food for them. Anyone else believing otherwise is the epitome of what's wrong with humans today.

  12. #32
    Like almost everyone posting their delusions of grandeur, I'd be killed in the first wave.
    Quote Originally Posted by DSRilk View Post
    The true measure of a person is how they act when they know they won't get caught.

  13. #33
    I chose to defect, though I may be able to lead the world. I'd think we'd need a leader willing to do whatever it took for victory, which I could fill, but hell if I know.

  14. #34
    Depending on what and how -> Defect

    If it's not worth it -> Soldier

  15. #35
    Join the good aliens to save humankind.

    Yeah I didn't vote. How can you forget about the good aliens!?
    "The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." - Aristotle

  16. #36
    I will be the leader of the aliens that are invading.

  17. #37
    Tech- create a Gauss rifle and have our soldiers blast the shit out of them with it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Ford
    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why few engage in it.
    This explains a lot.

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    I am Murloc! Atrea's Avatar
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    I'd become one of their lackeys. I'd be like Gaius Baltar, and I'd boink a Number 6 (and later, Lucy Lawless) in every way imaginable.

  19. #39
    How about a psycho anarchist option? Screw humanity and whatever is taking us out, we probably deserve it anyways. I would eat all the twinkies and enslave all the people I could before I would meet my end.

  20. #40
    Strip naked, cover myself in butter and go kick some ass

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