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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowen View Post
    Without talking baout specific profession, what functions you see people doing in well organized teams?

    Node defenders seems obvious. A tough character that can defend a position and deny it while help arrives.

    Node capper team, one or two characters that roam the battlefield to support where needed. Speed buffs and good offense probably needed here.

    Trebuchet bitch, a character that will operate and repair the trebuchet in Kyhlo when needed and also support.

    What more?
    I suppose a support-heavy character as back-up would be very useful no matter where you employ them.
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    The PvP depth that GW2 will have is going to be huge.

    It's the first time I've wanted to play a warrior too. There is so much more to the regular melee class than ever before. Thankyou Anet.

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