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    Do D3 need subscribtion like WoW?

    I never play it online but I bought the real copy of D1 and just play D2 in LAN for fun. I heard that Diablo never use any subs at all (like starcraft?) but I've seen someone said prepaid game card for D3 which is confuse me. Anyone can shed me a light on this? I will only play one game if both of them need subscribtion, can't pay two game at once

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    no its not a subscription there is a real money auction house that i think the prepaid card would be for

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    there is no sub. but remembers you need a active internet connection while playing(even single player) so no i go to the bush bush and take my laptop with me to play d3

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    I've no idea what pre-paid game card for D3 would be; even the auction house does not use game cards (it uses your blizzard balance which you can load with a variety of payment options but I haven't heard anything about pre-paid blizzard buck cards either). I think the person talking about it was just confused

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    thanks with the reply, at least I can play WoW if I get bored with my D3 (sometimes:P)

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