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    Diablo 3 Collectors Edition - Safe to pre-order from GAME (UK)?

    With the announcement of Diablo3 being released in the coming months, it reminded me of my pre-order I placed with GAME over a month ago for the collectors edition. Recently, GAME have been struggling a fair bit, and certain game producers have decided to drop out and not supply the store with certain titles. One of the most recent producers to refuse to supply GAME was EA. "The chain has been hurt by a relationship breakdown with some leading games producers, who refused to supply new titles such as Mario Party 9 and Mass Effect 3."

    You can read about it here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...eet-shops.html

    It's unsure at the moment whether GAME will pull through or not, shares keep falling and rising on a daily basis.

    I don't know too much about how the companies themselves work, or how the supply chain works for such games. But, this made me think, will Blizzard be one of the companies which decides to pull out from providing GAME with their products? I am presuming that the Diablo3 CE will be fairly high demand, so it could be fairly difficult to ensure you will recieve one. Do you think it's wise to just hope that all falls into place, and I recieve my Collectors Edition, or would it be a lot safer to pre-order elsewhere? If so, where exactly would you reccomend (UK only).

    I'm sure someone else out there knows a lot more about the situation than me, and can shed some light on it.

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    ive only heard them having problems with EA, i have a friend who Pre-ordered D3 3 years ago for 25 pounds and they assure him he will still get his game at the price he paid for pre-order
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    Game will pull through, at the moment there is a comany that bought comet that are trying to buy it, wal-mart and Gamestop. Not sure if it's a good idea pre ordering there at the moment though.

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    I have little doubt that there will be more than enough diablo 3 ces available after the couple last "ces" blizzard released which are pretty much everything but rare.

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    It should be safe, Blizzard won't do anything. The only concern is if they suddenly go under and decide to drastically limit their stock.
    I assume you're going to use a GAME loyalty card? If not I recommend ordering it off Amazon and doing the Amazon-prime month trial so that you can get it on the day of release for free.

    Personally I'm just ordering it off Amazon, I barely use game and have found Amazon more reliable. As small bonus it gives me pleasure to see my money go to Amazon rather than GAME.

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    I'd order from Game if you're going to go in and physically get it, I prefer Amazon for things being delivered.

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    Just Queue outside your GAME at around 8pm and ur likely to get it at 12......
    or do the same at TESCOS, they will have them warehoused the week before ready to be sold at 12.

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    GAME's going down/has gone down. Gamestop's in the process of acquiring it, so you'll still be able to buy/pre-order there, just confirm that if it does get converted to a Gamestop, that your order will still be valid.

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