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    Diablo 3 Language Selection

    Hey, just have a quick question. Will I be able to select which language I would want the game to appear in (ie: dialogue)? Just curious cause I also know a few other languages (which are all supported by the game as per the pre-order page) and I would like to also play them in those languages as well. Or will I have to buy a foreign copy of the game for it to be in that language?


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    I suggest you puting this question in official D3 forums, unless someone from beta could tell you...

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    Yesterday I pre-ordered the Digital Edition and downloaded the installer. I was able to set my language before downloading the Downloader. As for playing multiple languages I don't know.
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    I downloaded my Annual Pass D3 copy yesterday and was able to choose the language of the version to be downloaded in the B.Net form.

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    You can pick the game language on the installer, and i believe they will add language "packs" for download later (just like we got on wow), which you can them freely pick the game language you want.
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    More language details
    aka "we dont know" and still missing only 2 months till release :P

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