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    Arcane Mage in need of help

    Hi guys,

    this is prolly another of many Help Threads, so ill make it short.


    Im lacking DPS somehow, we did DS10 NHC last night, and i was mostly around 30k, sometimes scratched 40k and even had some below 20k.....

    I know i have to Re Gem some pieces ( the 10 stats gem in belt was just a joke plus a bet i lost )

    Is my Haste ok, or should i concentrate on Mastery?

    Please, any help is appreciated
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    I'm under the impression that you need to read the arcane mage compendium that is posted as a sticky.

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    You are a lot more likely to receive better help if you post some World of Logs, however checking your character on http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/...ck/Magictragic you don't have any available. I suggest the next raid you do to log it "/combatlog" in game, and upload it to your guild on http://worldoflogs.com/. You may have to create an account and a guild but it's very simple.

    Until that time (you could use LFR), I suggest you check the Arcane Mage guide here or on EJ.

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    Nightmare Tear in your belt... either you're trolling or you need to start by reading http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...ane-Compendium

    That said, locking this. If you're serious - after you read the Arcane Compendium linked above, feel free to re-create the thread for further clarification.


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