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    Diablo 3 Fire still falls from the skies.

    So well, I just downloaded Diablo 3. I read that you could play an encrypted version until final launch. But, whenever I try to install it gives me this message "Fire still falls from the skies. Diablo 3 has still not been launched" Or something like that. Any help here?

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    You cannot install the game or play before May 15th, the pre-download is just to have the files ready on your computer.

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    Anyone telling you that you can play any version prior to launch is either lying, scamming, or probably doing something that will get you banned. Just wait it out.
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    "Diablo 3 has still not been launched" should be the hint.
    It's simply meant to give you all files so that you can install on the day of release, rather than going through a couple hour long download on the day of release.

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