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    What DID you name him? I'm so fucking curious o.O
    Please, i must know D:
    The biggest mistake one can make is not admitting when one is wrong.

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    Chris Hansen

    I got nothing else.

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    Your cat shall be named....FORDRAGON!

    Or Smithy. Smithy is a solid little name for a solid little cat.
    It's always been Wankershim!
    My Brand!

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    Cat Version 0.913b

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    My wife and I have had our cats (first ones) for about a year now.

    They're maine coons, ones orange/white and named Wash, the other is black and named Zoe.

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    Badmantits or Penny

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    We once had a lovely kitty named: MrsKittyFantasticoofAwesomenessandCuteness

    Was pretty funny watching the Vet say that out. That cat though looks a little grumpy, and certainly isn't a kitten. S/he looks like a right Gentlemen / Ma'am, so try something elegant.

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    Try to follow a theme incase you get more in future

    We have four, they are called


    See the pattern there?
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    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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    My mother has a cat, that when he was younger poked his right eye on something. She had not named him yet. So one day when I was over there, I was looking at him and tried to put an eye patch on him. For about 2 minutes he looked like pirate, so I called him Patch. It's stuck with him ever since.

    Also, when I was younger we had a black cat named damn it. That was always fun to yell outside DAMN IT WHERE ARE YOU!? or DAMN IT GET DOWN!

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    I'm pretty sure OP decided the name 2 months ago when this was posted
    "In the tone of their complaint you can see a mind already made up. Instead, it’s about affirmation they expected and didn’t receive. It’s not about the game getting universal praise from every writer reviewing it. It’s about getting universal praise for buying it."

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    I suggest "Eightball." I was given a cat with a similar coat coloration with that name. 'Twas the best cat I ever had.

    It was an unfortunate day when my neighbor shot him and then proceeded to run over the carcass in his truck.

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    We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams,
    Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streams;—
    World-losers and world-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams:
    Yet we are the movers and shakers, Of the world for ever, it seems.

    -1st stanza, Ode by: Arthur O'Shaughnessy

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    I found it funny

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    i have 2 kittehs, one is named charles bukowski, or mr b for short. the other is named ophelia, or lilly for short. my friend matts cat is named 'kitty'.

    to each their own.
    i do not spew profanities. i enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceleaf View Post
    I'm pretty sure OP decided the name 2 months ago when this was posted
    I somehow doubt people coming here will look at date though or even see your post, something seen from posters who keep suggesting names. Still, I'm curious how he/she named his cat too.

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    Salvador Armando Guillermo Sanchez Garcia Morales

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    Tyrial, emporius, tyrande.

    " A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities "

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    you could call it Rape...

    imagine going outside and just shouting "RAPE!" and see how many police visits you get?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krudor View Post

    I found it funny
    lawls me too she doe slook a tad pissed off as well lol

    name him mr somethin like mr bawls ....oh shake best episode ever
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    sometimes when im alone i like to cover myself in vaseline and pretend im a slug
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    I like to glue my thumbs to my nipples and pretend I'm a T-Rex.

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