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    losing weight too fast?

    So in the last 3 months ive moved to uni and started eating better and generally enjoying a more active/healthy lifestyle, but as ive been losing the weight im worried im losing it to fast and it will ultimatley be unhealthy. So what would you guys say is a healthy rate to lose weight at? personally in the last 3 months ive lost 6st (~40kg) admitidly starting out i was VERY overweight, about 29st, now am down to 23st, so do you think that rate is healthy?

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    You lose weight extremely fast if you are big and change your lifestyle quite dramatically like you have. You will start to slow down though, I have (still losing weight). Don't worry about it. When you go under weight is when you should be concerned.

    Keep it up for now, good job.

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    I wouldn't say its too fast but it is fast, But like the above said it will go fast at start them will slow down untill you aren't gaining or losing, I went from 20.8st to 17st in about 3 months so half your rate, making my jealous haha Keep up the good work!
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    I'm pretty sure any physician would say ~29lbs/13.3kg per month isn't very healthy way to lose weight, but, if you're not feeling any adverse side effects then, good on you for the lost weight.

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    If you're very overweight, you can healthily lose weight at a very high rate.

    The rate you can lose fat is directly proportional to how much fat you have. You can only extract so much energy from a mass of fat per day.

    (30*lbs of fat)/3500=how much fat you can lose per day in pounds.

    If you had 100lbs of fat, you'd be able to lose up to 0.85lbs per day, though that much of a calorie deficit would require you to basically not eat anything.

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    If it's worrying you, go see a doctor.
    6 stone in 3 months does seem very fast - but I am no dietitian or doctor. It may be a normal way to lose weight with a drastic change in life style, and again it may not be.

    Just set your mind at ease and go get checked up

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    Great job so far man. And yeah you'll probably start to slow down a lot. That is indeed a ton of weight loss in a short amount of time. As long as you're not having any joint pain or any prolonged side effects, I think you should be fine.

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    As long as you're not eating way too few calories than your body needs to and as long as you're not over-exercising then I'd say you're fine. If a heavy person dramatically changes from a sedetary lifestyle to a more active one and changes to a healthier diet, said person will lose alot of weight at a pretty fast pace. This will slow down.

    Anyway, good job!

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    Your body will tell you if you are losing weight too quickly. But as others have said, it is healthy to lose a ton of weight very quickly if you are extremely overweight. Once you get below 20% body fat it will be bad to lose weight so quickly. In addition, your body will rebel if you lose weight too quickly (you will feel really tired all the time, you will feel light headed, and you wont be able to think).

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    yo are doing fine with losing weight. thats the key actually. lose as much as you can of the bat because your body will ajust to what you are doing and will slow down..this happened to me. i used to weigh over 400lbs the 1st 2 months i lost over 25lbs. and over time it started to come down alot slower now its a year later and im maybe..losing 1lbs a week.
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