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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstorm View Post
    Since you can jump around on servers, can two players have the same name in the game?
    Pretty sure it was confirmed the answer to that question is no.

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    I have always wished for a game where I could have a last name. This brings so much more into RP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zito View Post
    18 people out of 10 million have your name, that's pretty original.
    Out of the 12 million subs and ungodly number of alts, only 2 accounts had my name "Jokerseven." There will be 3 hits of it though because I made a DK on a separate server.
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    You can't actually count it as "x out of 12mil accounts" since the name is only allowed once per server, so in fact its "x out of total number of servers". Aaand it severely reduces the chance of getting your name :P Fortunately I have an alt name which I am the only one who has, though it's only a backup since I'd rather use the name I share with 11 others.

    But as far as the point goes - you could make a surname up for yourself and use that on each of your characters...Socksinsandals Smith.
    Just to ask - did you originally want SocksinSandals? Or did you go for Socks in Sandals when you discovered that you couldn't have something else?
    I don't particularly like surnames in MMOs, I think they're way too sketchy, most of them. The major reason I can think of for using spaces is for chars I make for the lols, i.e. Socks in Sandals. And no I didn't want Socks in Sandals, I just couldn't be assed to make up a serious surname, cause again, too sketchy.

    Or, if you get REALLY famous on the server for being an ass, a pro or a spammer or something, and create yourself a really unique surname, and name all your chars after it. Then people could recognise you anywhere!

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    Khamos, you mentioned RP about Socks in Sandals not being very in your first post.
    How can you not find that being able to have a surname isn't good for just RP?

    Suddenly there can be two characters with the same first name. Since, honestly it is quite common. And a thing I find jarring in many MMOs. Personally I love being able to ad surnames to my characters. True, I hate thinking up names, but it'll make them come to life more. At least for me.

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    I didn't say its not good for RP, everyone's allowed to do what they want :P I'll just stick with 1 name, since I can't come up with a good-sounding surname for the 1-worded names I love Maybe eventually if I come up with the perfect surname, but as of now that has yet to happen

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    Hoping to get Jarv

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