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    Question Guild Wars 2 PvP: Warrior, Necromancer OR Elementalist?

    PvP is my favorite part of any MMO, but i'm still trying to decide which class I want to play and mostly PvP with, and I would love opinions.

    Warrior: I always played a warrior in WoW, for about 6 years, I loved it. But always that frost mage would kite you down when you missed a snare or a slow, and when your charge was on cooldown, and ude get slowed by a ranged class and be unable to do anything but take the blows and eventually die. I don't really know if I want to be a warrior after ive looked at some videos and discussion, because with the massive battles it would be safer to sit in the pack flinging spells, instead of just running into a crowd and getting focused down as a melee. Not to mention Warriors always have the most badass armor.

    Necromancer: These look strong in PvP, with the death shroud ability buffing your health, and the massive life drain and life steal/healing abilities and debuffs makes this class quite strong and looks fun. I am seriously thinking of a Necro over a warrior.

    Elementalist: This looks pretty neat, being able to switch attunements for different skill sets like earth for armor and protection, air for damage/stuns, water for healing, and fire for damage. Seems quite viable and PvP and unsure if it would be better than a necro or a warrior.

    What do you guys think? Opinions are welcome

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    Closing this. "What class should I play" threads aren't productive, and generally spawn more and more of them. If you have questions, you can read through the individual class threads (use the search function to find them if they aren't on the front page) and/or ask questions there.

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