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    [A] Dark Aftermath-Kilrogg Looking for More


    Dark Aftermath is an Alliance late night Raiding Guild on the US-Kilrogg server, made up of mature players looking to recruit more people to fill out our 10 man raid team!

    While we are not an extremely hardcore guild, we consider ourselves a Progression Raiding Guild meaning that during raids we are focused on maximizing progression and bringing our best possible performance to complete raid content. Outside of raids we are a close group of friends that don't take ourselves too seriously and have fun. We understand that WoW is a game you play for enjoyment and take pride in killing bosses and making progression while also understanding that sometimes real life issues come first.

    Recently coming back from a brief hiatus, we are currently 5/8 DS normal and looking to resume where we left off in T11 and T12 and complete Dragon Soul progression and Heroic modes as soon as possible.

    Currently we are in need of no class in particular, but are looking for extremely skilled applicants of any class or spec (gear is easy to acquire, so not a solid requirement, but would prefer anyone 378+)

    Raid Days / Times are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 930PM - 12AM PST.

    We use EPGP for loot distribution during our raids as well.

    We welcome members of all playstyles into our guild and when not raiding, we are always on running Dungeons, PVPing, working on achievements and helping other guildies while just having fun.

    If you are interested in joining, please fill out an application on our web-site at:


    Or for any further questions/inquiries, contact Karzen, Bubblelinz, Crackyn, or Ibublyoudead in game!
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    Bumping again, still need more for 10m DS

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    Updated recruitment info looking for a few good skilled raiders

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