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    How do alliances work in GW1?

    This is just something I need some clarification on. If anyone here played DAoC, does it work like /as (alliance) chat? Where an alliance basically functions as one super guild, where you can even do things such as Alliance events, alliance info (works like guild info) in game.. etc etc. And if so, I'm hoping it ends up working exactly like it does in GW2.

    Thanks in advance

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    An alliance is a conglomerate of up to 10 guilds that work for the same thing. This is usually a pvp thing.
    In Factions the alliance with the most Kurzick/Luxon factions takes hold of the Factions capitals (Cavalon.House Zu Heltzer) and the oterh outposts.
    These capitals house respectively passages to The Deep and Urgoz' Warren but those are accessible in other ways now.


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