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    WoW has ceased being World of Warcraft and instead is now World of Copycraft. Is there one original idea in all this mess? Even one? They stole Huttball from SWtoR. They stole dynamic events from Rift and GW2 (granted it's not out yet, but they advertised that ages ago). They stole Pokemon. They stole Farmville. Challenge dungeons with a leaderboard? Guild Wars (which by the way did the Asian theme years ago). I'm convinced what talent there was at Blizzard has left the building. They used to be industry leaders, now they just copy other people. LAME and disappointing.
    Truly think this couldn't be more correct,, true that "stole" is a strong word as all MMORPG do the same thing but 90% of stuff going into the expansion is coming from other games then blizzard's ideas for say "The Mists of Pandaria storyline is split into two - Main Story + Side Story" oh you don't mean like Current game SWTOR as done with class/side story or same as GW2 as announced and "All of the raids are all going to have three difficulties" - Normal, Heroic and Nightmare mayb, swear ive seen that lately. Just shameful to take all these ideas with almost none coming from blizzard then make a expansion outta it, at this point they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas and nobody wants to pay for 2 MMORPG that offer the same experience.

    Yes, can complain at me all you want but i really couldnt care less, this is my personal opinion ッ
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    A lot of new info and I think this will be a really good expansion, probably the best. Hope beta will start soon

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    A lot of new info and I think it will be a really good expansion, probably the best. Hope beta will start soon

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    great new screenshot!

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    In some ways it is more of a spiritual successor to classic WoW, with the call to adventure. It wasn't about a giant world boss or big overarching problem, it was just about exploring. Experience this faction, see the world, engage the cultures, have an adventure, that was the spirit of the first game. In many ways Mists of Pandaria gets back into that.
    I just might come back to if, and its a big if, they are able to resurrect that feeling I got from early WoW. That is what I loved about the early game, and what WoW seemed to drift further and further away from.

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    288 half an hours worth of my analysis of this stuff, using the 5 minute version as the basis of discussion ... way easier to have you listen than for me to type it all out

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