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    WHY!?! First bit of info and the final patch is revealed!?! It's devastating... As Bibi said, there would be at least 1 QQ... There you have it... Oh well, still love you Bibi =)

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    Very happy about this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulus View Post
    NO NEW race models... They promised! Argh!
    No, they never actually did.
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    At least Chilton said "They're excited to get people into Beta very soon."

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    ugh! only one more slot per realm??? that's hugely disappointing. they need to stop dicking around with character slots and just give us all 50. *sigh*

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    Holy wall of text. Finals studying can wait for an hour or so. Like it has been all weekend. /sigh I hate my study habits

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    my brain just exploded.

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    The Temple of ?? Mogu
    Located in ancient Mogu temple that located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
    You will have a damage buff while holding the artifact. You will also be gaining points for your team as well.
    The artifact has a curse that damages you over time. The longer that you hold it, the less healing that you can take.
    It is going to be difficult for one person to keep the artifact for the whole time.
    There will be three point zones, with the middle one giving 3 points and the outer one giving 1 point.
    Gameplay is very fast paced, very different from other battlegrounds.

    So, it is like SWTOR's huttball...

    Sigh, i think Blizzard lost the need for new original ideas...

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    Epic wall of text is EPIC.

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    The new LFR loot system will allow everyone to roll individually. Upon winning a roll, if the boss has an item that you can use, you will win it. It will only be in LFR to begin with, but can be added to other parts of the game later


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    We are excited to get players into the beta very soon, because that is going to be the true test of whether or not it is awesome.
    Beta not yet. Was hoping for announcement. ;-)

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    oh ma fawking god.... I haven't been this hyped for a game since Skyrim....

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    Lets just see? New player phased solo content - farms- New immersion. Mega zone changes with patches. Plenty of en game content??? MOP Is epic

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    Bahahah!! Fempandaren looks like a carebear! XDD

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    why am i less excited now then i was b4 this post

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    I'm a bit disappointed

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    I knew Garrosh would be a bad guy ever since he became a "fel orc"

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    glad, crappy xpac finally going to release my soul form this game.Not wait till 4am to read sh*t, and stuff like that.PS: Thanks blizzard, you just killed wow, fanboys deal with it.

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    Amazing! This all looks so great!

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    Thats it? I feel like we knew all of this already, I didn't see any info about beta release either? Is there some info still coming or what?

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