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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibbi View Post
    This sums it up pretty well, looks like we will be getting Red Pandaren too! Hope that's for both Male and Female Pandaren
    For the Horde!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevanSparda View Post
    So, it is like SWTOR's huttball...

    Sigh, i think Blizzard lost the need for new original ideas...
    Huttball? Huttball is not original.

    It's like Oddball from Halo 1, which in turn is from an even older FPS. SWTOR didn't invent Oddball.
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    AoE looting, YES!!!!!!!
    "When I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time."

    Shamans in WoW - "We're the dumb blonde at the workplace. We look great, but people question what we're actually doing."

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    when! When damnit!

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    mmm its not bad! wouldve liked some gameplay footage though :P

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    I LOVE the female pandas!!!

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    Garrosh siege? oooh that sounds really REALLY interesting!

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    Siege of Orgrimmar will be final patch of expansion? Both sides will be destroying Garrosh? Sounds very interesting.

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    Looks like somebody wants to be the new Rift on the block

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    Bit annoyed that the main idea of this expansion was to say "Hey, we're keeping the end antagonist/boss under wraps, just wait and see who it is!" only to then go and say, "Loljk, end patch is taking down Garrosh. Now you've got a target to aim for. Lolololol".

    It's all well and good, heck, I've wanted to see Garrosh get his ass kicked for ages now, but I wish I knew at the time of the patch release, not a year or more before it's gonna kick off.

    Also a little annoyed that instead of going with the dark/light chi idea for Monks, they've reverted to energy and combo-points again. *sigh*

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    Between ALL of that info, the only new information is1) The Siege of Orgrimmarand2) AoE looting.and funny enough, these are also the only 2 interesting parts of MoP

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    So if you're doing LFR in panda, and an item drops that you can use, and others, you and the others win that loot?, or am i getting this all wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simca View Post
    Huttball? Huttball is not original.

    It's like Oddball from Halo 1, which in turn is from an even older FPS. SWTOR didn't invent Oddball.
    Name ONE mmo before SWTOR that had a battleground/pvp instanced area like Huttball

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    Ugh I dont want garrosh to die. he's a better leader than varian

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    Beta Soon.Beta soon.Beta soon.beta soon.beta soon.....Did anyone else see?! BETA SOON!

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    OMG!! Awesome! So many text

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    So... when is the beta?

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    Garrosh? I couldn't have asked for anything better. No better way to sell 'this is an intense expansion' then something so crazy and drastic. Knowing where the story's going to end, and being on the Horde, is just going to make that all the more intense.

    Scenarios seem... meh. Only 5?

    Completely guessed what was going on with new models.

    Weird way to go with the pet battles, but understandable. No trash talking complainers.

    No DotA BG, boo.

    Up to 7 zones, thank God.

    14 bosses? Definite statement about that number? Good stuff.

    Finally, JESUS CHRIST, that is a whole buttload of information right there.

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    So much to read So excited!

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    So, this is what all that HUGE wall of text says on the front page: 1. What we said at Blizzcon 2. No release date yet. Sounds a long way from ready to me.

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