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    Female panda....aaah. Ewk.

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    Pure horde player here:I am HUGELY EXCITED about how the final patch involves the horde players assaulting a horde city. I am not butthurt similar to how many (not all) alliance players were about following thrall around this expansion.

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    well, time to read it ALL!

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    yeap, time to stay off the office and to study the changes.. *kettle dings*

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    Holy shit.. this is gonna take awhile.

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    NO NEW race models... They promised! Argh!

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    AoE Looting is win.

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    Oh Garrosh, I hardly knew ye.

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    No Beta Release date

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    Creepy, my group was talking about how nice AoE loot would be in WoW just during raid last night

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulus View Post
    NO NEW race models... They promised! Argh!
    And where did they promise new models?

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    "No new race models yet, but they're working on it. At best, dwarves might have been ready for the MoP release." And 5 Million Fucks were given that day. "...but it's totally still on the list of things we would like to do in the future, but because of all the new MONSTERS, RAID-BOSSES and of course the PANDAREN our art team had no resources left for updating old models"

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    Killing Garrosh? YAY, now i'm sure that MoP will be the best addon since.... no the best addon ever!!! /dance

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    top 100 ftw

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    I believe that sound you hear is Blizzard hitting it out of the park... I am SO looking forward to this expansion...

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    Quire boring news...and no new race models yet? fail.Bunch of lazy bitches

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    Boo. Already disappointed at not having new models, and only having one extra character slot. I already have 10 on Thrall, and still need a Resto/Ele Shaman, tank Monk, Heals/DPS monk, rogue, and hunter.

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    In the dark. Watching. Waiting
    Are Tom Chilton and Greg Street brothers or something ?

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    I dont get why they are telling us things like "The Siege of Orgrimmar"
    It's just a major spoiler on their own lore.

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