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    Lightbulb Chris Metzen - Interview (Siege of Orgrimmar and more)

    Hello folks, since the NDA on the press tour was lifted we have had a ton of information unloaded on us. Most notably the supposed final raid of the expansion pack. Siege of Orgrimmar.

    I see a lot of people who have questions, "is it even a raid" "this is just stupid lol" that kind of thing. Luckily wowinsider conducted a interview with Chris that answers some of these questions. If anyone is also interested in what Blizzard has in store for Alliance check it out to.


    One of my favourite cuts from this interview is here

    We said at BlizzCon, there's a big marquee quest line coming up that takes great advantage of the scenarios that Dave and Scott were talking about today that adds this sort of new place between solo questing and dungeoneering. And we call it the Trials of the High King, and hopefully at the end of this thing, leading right up to the gates of Orgrimmar, Varian's really gonna find his feet and he's really gonna become ... You know, like when I look back at Warcraft past and I see guys like Uther and Lothar -- Stunning, Chris, how many vowels and "th" sounds can you throw into your names? I guess we're just lucky there weren't any apostrophes in there -- but I very much always wanted Varian to become like those characters, you know? He's a little younger than they are, but there's a stud in there, a rock inside that kid, that could be a better king than his daddy was, a better king than we've ever seen.
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    Read it.

    Goddam, Chris Metzen is a douche. I think he just makes decisions on a whim: "Ok, now Varian is honorable and Garrosh is a aggressive bastard who will probably kill kids". *fap,fap,fap* "If you really beat the crap out of someone you betray the things you were fighting for" *fap,fap,fap* "Blah, blah, Horde has lost its ways"

    Really?? What is wrong with you Metzen? Have you even played the game? We've had some morally questionable things being done by an orc that was dropped down a cliff as punishment and psycho tauren, but yeah the Horde has reeaaaally been bastards these past years.
    Are you kidding me? Do you even know what the orcs are fighting for? Well, beating the crap out of the Alliance is in no way betraying that.
    And now suddenly the Horde is going to be the scapegoat of the whole expansion, just so Alliance can get a feeling of self-righteousness and glory? My god, what is wrong with you?
    Reading that interview was painful. It seemed like a kid with ADHD was popped full of suger and acid, spurting out all these awesome ideas he feels he has.

    I feel ashamed for actually liking the story in WC2&3 when I read this stuff.

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