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    Old Race + Monk = Horror

    Look at the human monk on the page... his hand.... LOOK AT HIS HAND!

    My eyes feel as if they've been gouged out with polygons.

    Edit: I've been informed that AdBlock replaces the new picture added today with the default Pandaren one. I guess you can be thankful that your eyes have been spared.
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    I think he broke his thumb.
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    lol broken thumb
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
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    Look at the bloodelf's finger on her right hand.. thats creeping me out

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    Are they gonna work at least a little on the models before finishing the whole revamp, or are we actually stuck with these monsters for a whole expantion if not more? :x

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    The texture on his right thigh looks kinda weird too lol. Poor guy!

    Actually his whole leg looks kinda weird. Look at his foot!

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    LOL, I just about fell outta my chair, that REALLY needs some attention. Nice Find OP!

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    Wru gnome monk?
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    I think his right foot is broken, damn this looks terrible.

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    Yeah, That's horrible. I'm hoping they fix that because jesus.

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    Oh they'll fix this. THEY HAVE TO.
    My god..

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    It looks like someone took a hammer and gave that blood elf's fingers a good beating.

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    "Let's judge things before they even get into beta herpderp."

    Same retards posted shit like this when original blood elf models were reskinned nightelves.

    You whine and whine for Blizzard to show you work in progress and when they do you treat it like it is the finished product.

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    Sweet baby Moses.
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    You'd think the 8th Anniversary was the Cheese Anniversary to go with all the whine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zellery View Post
    Yeah, That's horrible. I'm hoping they fix that because jesus.
    The issue is they most likely wont. They chose that image for their website, meaning this is the highlight of the class- they are PROUD of this and consider it a selling point.

    Awful, just awful.

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    I don't know what you are looking at here, and all I see is the Pandaren Monk.
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    They surely can't release it in this state. We're gonna need some new character models pre MoP launch. >.<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Margallo View Post
    I don't know what you are looking at here, and all I see is the Pandaren Monk.
    Are you serious?

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    yeah!!! Blizzard!! no new Models!!! because the think people will be upset with the changes !! Who cares change these old ugly outdated models..

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