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    Possible Rotations?

    I guess w/o being in beta gonna be hard to figure this one out yet. But anyone have any ideas?

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    It would be tough to even figure out final rotations until later on in the beta when you have level 90s and numbers are tweaked. It will most likely involve using Jab/Sever/Pike/Clobber/(the other C one that I forget the name of) to generate Chi ala combo points and then use your other abilities and cooldowns when you have the Chi for them. Or use Energy cooldowns when they come up.

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    Just seems confusing so far but I guess it will be kinda like when they changed hunters over to focus and everyone had to relearn it. I remember hating focus at first then once you figured out how to manage it I was like damn this is easy as hell. I wouldnt imagine them making it over complicated seeing how making your new class hard to play wouldnt go over well with most people given how many people left last year and are using this expansion to decide whether or not to move on to another game.

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    I assume you mean dps, and yes its too early to tell...

    I dunno, single target could be something like:

    Jab, Jab, Rising Sun Kick, Jab, Tiger Palm (or Exploding Jade Blossom if its more - doubtful), Jab, Jab, Rising Sun Kick.
    Using Tiger Palm/Blackout Kick anytime mastery procs.

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