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    As they talked about how Garrosh is doing something beneath/under Orgrimmar, it wouldn suprise me if the Raid will start in Orgrimmar and then go down into Ragefire Chasm and we will fight him there. They could change Ragefire's layout, make it bigger or even completly change it except for being underground. It wouldn't suprise me.

    As for bosses, Gallywix and Magatha could be bosses that appear. Then we will probably get a few bosses that are just there, but have no or only little lore prior to the raid. And then Garrosh as a final boss, yeah.

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    I think the siege itself will be an Area for Dailys. The 1st Raid includes the Valley of Strength with a Gearcheck boss. Some big, hard hitting Orc Warlord.
    We will storm Gromash Hold and the Valley of Spirits and the 'upper Drag' where a Demon or Sha will be waiting for us. Afters defeating that Minion (maybe a Demon) the next wing will be the 'lower Drag'.
    There will be new dailys in the Valley of strength.

    Deep in Ragefire Chasm some Demons/Warlocks/Shamans and a Monster, maybe a pumped up orc are waiting.

    After this we will go to the valley of Honor. There will be the secret weapon we fight and maybe some kind of race between Jaina and Vol'jin, because both want to be the one to kill Garrosh.
    And after this we will go to the arena of orgrimmar for a final fight with garrosh (maybe with cursed blood).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Stop playing with your balls, Bowie. :C
    Pfft... The Gate Monster is the best idea for the entry/dpscheck boss with goblins involved. Just add rockets and bombs.

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    If Magatha is a boss, chances are Baine will have a hand in her death since she poisened Garrosh's axe for his duel with Cairne.

    I would also guess that Thrall doesn't directly kill Garrosh, but says something cliche like "It didn't have to be this way..." while Garrosh bleeds out, and Vol'jin saying something like "It was destined to be this way ever since he became Warchief"

    I'm also assuming that Cairne's spirit shows up at some point, whether it be during the Magatha (implying she is a boss) or Garrosh encounter.

    As for Gamon, he'll probably run in after Garrosh is already dead, tea-bag his corpse while yelling "HERE'S THE BEEF!" and then run out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yauld View Post
    Eitrigg of course.
    Eitrigg is neutral and with the Argent Dawn/Crusade, he will turn against Garrosh in a second :P

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    I'm thinking more of an Onyxia/Maggy style encounter. A few waves of Krokkor or whatever the elite orcs are and then Garrosh.
    How did he die ?

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    Personally hoping for Lor'themar to be a boss, just because of the fact he's not really done anything since being introduced in TBC. He tried to take Quel'Delar and failed horribly, and sat in his room for all of Cataclysm. I really wish Blizzard would make him do something, and not be ignored completely (like Goblin Leader, who no one cares about).

    Furthermore kind of upset Garrosh is getting killed. He was becoming a good leader in Cataclysm, having learnt much from Saurfang, and not being quite as insane (much more a war leader than Thrall). Also, get rid of Thrall please. He's been active waaaaay too much in Cataclysm, so let him sit around and make Thrall babies with Aggra for an expansion or so. Or we could kill him? ;D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okacz View Post
    Hmm, endgame raid...

    1) Lolzerg boss - Gamon, stopping raid at the gates to Orgrimmar.

    2) Semi-new mechanics boss - Kor'Garrosh Guard gauntlet, with boss (Kor'Garrosh general or sth), maybe with Morale bar that has to be keept as high as possible so friendly npcs dont slack around and you arent overwhelmed by adds

    3) "This one guy nobody knows wtf is really about him" - Wolfmaster, maybe one of Hunter Trainers, who fights on his wolf at first, but then they turn into separate bosses

    4) Aerial fight - Flight Master Doras and Kor'Garrosh troops on Wyverns

    5) Revealing of a great intrigue - Grimtotem show up at this moment, players fight them near Orgrimmar zepp towers, after some trash you fight a brand new Grimtotem Savage Brutal Warrior Slayer - just a Warrior + adds fight

    6) Somebody we know - Magatha show up, along with some Grimtotem Shamans, and challange you, kill her, some fancy mechanics, much destruction during fight, one zepp tower is broken

    7) Meet the end boss - Garros challanges you, but on 90% he runs away, running onto the remaining zepp tower "because you arent worthy his time". Thrall shows up, boosts you with wind onto another zepp. Because no good endraid works without Gunship.

    8) Crush the zepp - Zeppelins crushed in Gallyvixes mansion, Gallywix sends guards to help Garrosh, and is a boss encounter now

    9) The intrigue continues - Garrosh runs back to Orgrimmar, you chase him on ground mounts, but meanwhile Twilight Hammer, reformed and serving Cthun is revealed to colaborate with Garrosh. You fight them while trying to catch up with Garrosh

    10) "Final boss" - You meet Garrosh at Ring of Valor, where he reminds Thrall their duel did not finish. While they duel, Garrosh is losing, and tries to call help. None other than Gorgonna shows up, enslaved by Garrosh and twisted by Old Gods powers, now a horrible monstrosity. Fight her, or she will join Garrosh and kill Thrall.

    CUTSCENE - Thrall defeats Garrosh. He submits, but Thrall sees the taint of the Old Gods twisting him is not his decision - Twilight's Hammer twisted him through agents working within Orgrimmar. Thrall attempts to purify Garrosh, but during this his powers manifest, turning him into an abomination of Twilight energies.

    11) Boss fight, at last! - You fight Garrosh while Trhall is trying to purify him. The more time the fight takes, the harder it becomes. However, it is not really excruciating, as for an endboss fight. Garrosh falls and...

    In normal - his body cannot take the purifycation and explodes. While you loot him you hear "evil laughter of Old Gods", so you know this raid is just a small part of a bigger plot.

    In HC - Thrall manages to purify Garrosh, but he does not have much time. Only minutes are remaining until his body can't take this anymore. Thrall serves players some loot (well, you defeated a boss encounter). Then Varian and Jaina catch up. Varian tries to decapitate Garrosh, but Thrall stops him, explaining the full situation. Then, evil powers of Old Gods manifest. Avatar of N'Zoth himself shows up and begins to destroy Orgrimmar, along with his minions. Players have limited time (until Garrosh dies) to ride through orgrimmar along with Thrall, Garrosh, Jaina and Varian, defeat Old Gods forces, and face Avatar himself.

    12) Last fight (HC only) - toether with Garrosh, Thrall, Varian and Jaina you face the evil monster responsible for all this - or rather his avatar. The fight is excruciating, has several phases, and requires you to be helped by all of your "friends". During the fight, Varian saves Thrall in the most heroic way it's possible from certain death, sacrificing his own life and starting last phase. You defeat Avatar, and Garrosh thanks Jaina for something that happened, dunno what, Jaina cries, Thrall kneels and murmurs some things at Varians body, Garrosh officially dismisses himself from being the Warchief, Garrosh explodes. Thrall appoints Varok Saurfang as the leader of the Horde, and we live happily ever after, with some brand new HC gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dope_danny View Post
    gamon. crits for 8 billion.
    It's 8 mega damage now. Or is 1 mega damage 1 million? Damn now I'm confused z_z

    Either way: Many mega damages, handle them
    Oswald was over hit cap.

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    To everybody saying Gamon is a boss in SoO, he won't be: He will be the supreme evil behind it all, and ofcourse a super HC only fight with 27 phases!
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    oh, maybe he teams up with the dragonmaw, so we gonna have a huge dragon to kill that could be his 'secret pre-boss weapon'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrashi View Post
    Random orc warrior.
    Random orc warlock.
    Bloodboil recolor.
    Random super "you never saw that one coming" weapon.
    Pretty sure this is 97% accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    I think it'd be nice if they added Saurfang as the penultimate boss, who dies defending Garrosh and doing his duty, living by the oath he like the rest of the Horde pledged to the Warchief. I think that would make the whole event a lot more morally grey and a bit more emotive. Horde players should feel bad for spilling the blood of their leader, no matter how douchey he can be.

    (I just hope to the gods that they leave Sylvanas out of it, preferably keeping her on the other continent, across the world, for the whole affair so no one can accuse her of being scheming or a backstabber (in this affair), more than could be said for Horde players...)

    No, as soon as Thrall comes and says i want my position back both Saurfang and Eitrigg will help him kick Garrosh asses out of Orgrimmar.

    If Saurfang or Eitrigg are bosses in SIege of Orgrimmar, i will leave the game forever for doing that.

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    Who knows if the raid rly takes place in OG? Maybe we encounter Garrosh somewhere totally else. Maybe it's like DS and we travel to Garrosh throughout the raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feio View Post
    Who knows if the raid rly takes place in OG? Maybe we encounter Garrosh somewhere totally else. Maybe it's like DS and we travel to Garrosh throughout the raid.
    Because the 'Siege of Orgrimmar' is gonna take place in Netherstorm.

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    Mists hasn't even started and people are speculating about the end of it?

    I really think it was a bad idea to throw out what's going to happen at the end before the expansion is released. Kind of a spoiler.
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    Will probably be a lot of Orcs that we've never heard of before.

    Everyone knows Gamon will be the Algalon style, heroic only fight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion View Post
    I think it's a misunderstanding. No way would they spoil the end of the expansion like that. IMO, they're obviously referring to the patch pre-mop.
    Its the finall boss of the expansion, and they spoiled in every single expansion they launched, except Burning Crusade because they decided the implementation of Sunwell after the expansion was launched. You knew the end boss in Wrath would be LK, you knew the end boss in Cata would be DW.

    The end boss in MoP is Garrosh and it is a raid. This has been OFFICIALLY said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alasdair View Post
    Leveling an alt through WoTLK content, and I was thinking how awesome it would be to have Saurfang as our leader. Can it happen?!
    No, Thrall will come back as warchief, they have said in an interview that we will be helping Thrall to be warchief again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xucuroz View Post
    Everyone knows Gamon will be the Algalon style, heroic only fight.
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    I would actually love to see Gamon be a hero rather than a boss. Give him a proper death trying to help take down Garrosh. He deserves it after all the years of abuse he has suffered.
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