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    Quote Originally Posted by Marston View Post
    As they talked about how Garrosh is doing something beneath/under Orgrimmar, it wouldn suprise me if the Raid will start in Orgrimmar and then go down into Ragefire Chasm and we will fight him there. They could change Ragefire's layout, make it bigger or even completly change it except for being underground. It wouldn't suprise me.

    As for bosses, Gallywix and Magatha could be bosses that appear. Then we will probably get a few bosses that are just there, but have no or only little lore prior to the raid. And then Garrosh as a final boss, yeah.
    I agree i think if it is going to be a "raid" it will be underneath Orgrimmar

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    Quote Originally Posted by StaeleAilar View Post
    Sigh so many people cant read. this will happen in the LAST PATCH OF MISTS OF PANDARIA.

    Read first before you claim others do not make sense.[COLOR="red"]
    Actually what I think he meant was the fact that Garrosh has already been killed with the "For the Alliance" Achievement. I'm sure I'm not the only one who found this little tidbit silly. Of course the entire encounter and everything leading up to it will be entirely different of course but the thought did make me laugh a little :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardstyler01 View Post
    What the hell is wrong with you people? Warlocks, Magatha Grimtotem?

    Garrosh has been very clear on his stance with those people.
    He despises demonic power and he really hates Magatha Grimtotem. Why would he suddenly cooperate with them?

    It seems to me that you can't really come up with a logical answer other than "Garrosh evil? Warlock are also evil, they work together!"
    He doesnt hate Magatha enough to help Baine retake Thunder Bluff. Garrosh is just a bluffer when it comes with how wounded is him about it.

    Also, remember he gets corrupted (not that he needed that much, we (the horde) would have gladly killled him without any further corruption).

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    Putting my money on Gunship MK III

    There was one in ICC, one in DS.... it would almost be traditional to have one in the last tier of Mists!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xucuroz View Post
    Will probably be a lot of Orcs that we've never heard of before.

    Everyone knows Gamon will be the Algalon style, heroic only fight.
    Heroic only boss are never in the last raid of the expansion.

    I dont think Gamon will be a boss.

    I think some bosses will be:

    A troll (maybe from the MoP new trolls or a Zandalari one)
    A council type fight with the korkron warchief guard
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    I've read a lot of good ideas in here.

    I think as a raid it has a lot of potential design wise BECAUSE its orgrimmar, BECAUSE they're not designing a random instance nobody ever heard of.

    My Personal Take on it:

    Start in Durotar, Horde at Razor Hill, Alliance at the Docks? Fight Trash towards the gates.

    Boss 1) Random Orc Warlord Boss (Crommash perhaps?)

    once Boss 1 falls, Click friendly npc helping with seige to start...

    Boss 2) Seige the Gates! Equivalent to the air ship bosses, some ranged will man catapaults (or the massive alliance shuriken lobbers for the alliance) while melee, tanks and healers assault the wall, mix of ladders and towers (and possibly jet packs lol) the boss is basically a timed event, you just have to survive until the gates are forced open while defending the battering ram! - gear level would improve the damage done by catapaults etc so that it is easier/quicker for better geared raids etc

    Once the Gate is caved in, fight more trash through to the front of Garrosh's House, Outside you fight Boss 3...

    Boss 3) Gamon! Patchwerk style fight, massive gear check, huge damage to tanks bezerk timer and thus dps race.

    From the Valley of Strength we fight our way through to the Goblin Slums, possibly to fight...

    Boss 4) Gallywix! Can't have a goblin boss thats not riding some sort of robot suit, highly personalised tree cutter type thing!

    Gallywix dead, onto the Valley of spirits to fight a troll boss of some sort?

    Boss 5) Random Troll Boss - only Lore Guy I can think of who mite turn traitor (or rather already is) would be Zalazane - but i'm not sure if he's been killed lore wise etc with the changes to the echo isles? could always be a voodoo raised corpse of him? =p

    With the Troll boss dead, wonder through to the Valley of Wisdom, which we start fighting grim totem tauren who have been invited to join Garrosh's Horde.

    Boss 6) Magatha Grimtotem! The Fight starts with the raid having to fight her guards, Cor and Gorm Grimtotem, Once they are dead Magatha enters the fray, but is un targettable to start off with. Magatha drops 4 Totems, each summoning an elemental, the raid has to kill all 4 elementals (1 by 1 on normal, all 4 at once on hc)

    Once all elementals are dead Magatha becomes targetable, immediately casting bloodlust on herself. she will periodically drop totems much like a player shamans, but obviously more powerful, and she also has a stacking poison on the tanks, which does a DoT and reduces stats, but when dispelled it paralises the tank for 30s making the tank unable to dodge, block, parry etc.

    Once she is down to 15% she pops bloodlust again (and in heroic recasts the elemental totems perhaps?)

    With Magatha defeated players must head through the cleft of shadow, things start getting darker, and there we fight a nasty demon boss

    Boss 7) Nasty Legion Demon, either a Nathrezim or a Pit Lord. Does fairly standard demon stuff, fire on floor, shadow bolt volley and some fancy stuff that makes it more interesting then Anetheron or Magtheridon =p

    Now out into the Drag where there is an Optional Patrolling Boss

    Boss 8) Option Boss - Random Class Trainer - Uses powered up player abilities of the same class.

    Valley of Honor, While making our way to the arena we come across:

    Boss 9) Garosh's Council - similar to illidari council type fight, insert appropriate lore figures here - possibly throw in that Belf guy nobody's heard of for good measure?

    into the arena

    Boss 10) Garrosh!

    The Sha have corrupted Garrosh, thus making him more powerful, has lots of funky hard hitting attacks etc. his cleave is split up between tanks, and every ## seconds he will do a big blade storm style attack.

    P1 is fairly straight forward, once to 80% the sha corruption becomes more apparent, this adds some "magical" attacks to Garrosh's arsenal, these include more nasties for the ranged classes etc while still doing the P1 Melee Attacks.

    P3 starts when he is at 50%, Garrosh does an AoE Fear, that fears everyone on the spot, effectively stunning everyone to make way for a cut scene, Garrosh succumbs to the Sha's influence, and Drinks the Demon Blood like dear ol' Daddy! Shit hits the fan, everything starts hitting harder, he'll start doing "heroic leap" style attacks randomly into the raid.

    I'm not sure how to make it more epic - abilities wise etc?

    at 35% spirit of daddy (grom =p) buffs the raid, saying we must stop his son before he makes the same mistakes daddy did. garrosh adds more nasty attacks to his arsenal

    at 10% the Other faction leaders turn up - thrall, vol'jin, baine, varian and jaina and upon realising shit has hit the fan they jump into the fray, for a manic 10% while Garrosh just goes bat shit crazy for a last minute dps race before garrosh starts killing everyone!

    then everyone has a party and celebrates their phat lewt! =D

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    It's played out, but I think we're going to go the route of Garrosh corrupted by old god influence, specificlly N'Zoth. Furthermore, I think the Sha are creations of his as well. I think in the next x-pack we finally face off against him, and his 3rd and final corrupted lore character, Azshara.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Okacz View Post
    Haha, indeed

    But I don't wanna kill him. It would make him important in some way.

    Id like it to look this way:

    Raid kills 9th boss, and heads into Garrosh's chambers. Suddenly, Lor'Themar block their path.

    Lor'Themar says: Stop, heroes. This last fight... is mine.

    Lor'Themar says: Your people welcame mine into the Horde. You helped us in toughest times. Thanks to you, we have our kingdom back.

    Lor'Themar says: Now, it is my turn. I will help the Horde. I challange you, Garrosh! Come out and fight me!

    Garrosh comes out

    Garrosh says: Sorry, but who the fuck are you?

    Lor'Themar says: ...

    Lor'Themar says: No way. Okay, it's over. See ya.

    Lor'Themar walks away, never to be seen again.
    Pure win! I hope they make a daily blink out of this

    OT: I think we will see a counsil of advisors (corrupted orcs)
    For the pure fact of not being a racist a boss of random class and race.
    An Alliance traitor? Seems legit, and keeps the Alliance tightly knit.
    Ehm, if he was corrupted - the lieutenants of the source of corruption.
    An event type of boss like lootship or Flame Leviathan.
    I hope at least I hit something right.

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    For some reason, I am seeing the Naaru part of all this. Only in terms of being 'there' or semi-involved, not a boss or anything else. Purpose is to lead to 6.0, Return of the Legion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by delus View Post
    So we know Garrosh will be the big bad of MOP. Anyone care to guess what the other bosses of the raid might be? Maybe a concentrated being of sha energy? Maybe it will include some of the more warmongering faction leaders who get possessed by the sha? Any takers?

    Faceless ones ann orcs that he turns into freaking monsters.
    I'm thinking the blood of dw comes into play here.

    oh an you guys are so right Gallywix will be there. gorrash was paying him alot of gold to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ridish View Post
    who said this was gonna be a raid?? it´s gonna be a world event don´t get ahed of yourself...
    They said it was going to be a raid.

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    I still want a Labyrinth style, goblin powered and operated Gate Boss to start off with

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    Super World Destroyer Tank piloted by Gallywix
    Shade of Grom Hellscream
    Gamon (3 part battle)

    (Alliance raid spearheaded by Jaina and Varian. Horde raid spearheaded by Thrall and Vol'jin. When Garrosh is killed Vol'jin takes control of the Horde with the premission of Thrall.)

    I also read none of the previous 10 pages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahrenheit View Post
    It's played out, but I think we're going to go the route of Garrosh corrupted by old god influence, specificlly N'Zoth. Furthermore, I think the Sha are creations of his as well. I think in the next x-pack we finally face off against him, and his 3rd and final corrupted lore character, Azshara.
    Azshara is incredibly powerful and a huge lore character, would be weird not to have her as the central focus of an expansion.

    As for bosses, the only one I can think of is maybe Gamon. I'd guess that we just don't know the majority of the bosses and that they'll be introduced during MoP or just appear in the raid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    The big bad of MoP that is defeated before MoP is released. Sense make none.
    What the hell are YOU talking about? You make no sense at all duuude.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maerran View Post
    What the hell are YOU talking about? You make no sense at all duuude.
    I imagine he means "For the Alliance!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruffles View Post
    Spirit of Grom Hellscream or Shade of Grom Hellscream!

    Title award: Warchief or The Warchief!

    Excellent idea. I can see it now.

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    I don't think Gamon will be in this instance. I can't believe there's so few who realize that Gamon is the physical manifestation of Sargeras, waiting. Siege of Orgrimmar, the perfect distraction. This is where you realize the plot for the next expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Excellent idea. I can see it now.

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    I sensed a great disturbance. As if a thousand nerds just cried out at once and then were silenced.

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