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    Although I'm not fond of it. It seems they're portraying Sylvanas as a sinister character in quests :/
    I hope they don't turn her to a bad guy, I live for the Dark lady =(
    Quote Originally Posted by Chuckie View Post
    Naaaahhh.. They'll make a Sunnycrown Citadel

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    can we not just use our flying mounts to get to garosh right away? thats how faction leader killing works now doesnt it!
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    One of them might be a significant Pandaren character who has decided to help Garrosh achieve his goals.
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    I believe Garrosh will be corrupted by Power not the demon blood thing or the Sha from Pandaria

    I think the raid will start from the side entrance and we go all over Orgrimmar fighting each boss. Voljin, Baine, maybe Saurfang and Eitrigg, Varian and Jaina will be with us throughout the raid.
    There will be 7 or 8 bosses.

    1st boss (random NPC Boss) in the valley of spirits. Voljin helps us here
    2nd boss (Gallywix) in the Goblin slums but we don't kill him he flees
    3rd boss (Random Npc Boss) in the Valley of wisdom. Jaina helps us here
    4th boss (Rexxar) in the valley of Honor Baine helps us here
    5th boss (random NPC Boss) In the Drag Surfang or Eitrigg help us here
    6th boss (Sylvanas) In the Valley of Strengh, we fight her but as she is about to kill us, Thrall (he is a surpise as this will be the 1st time we see him in this expansion as he was back in Nagrand) comes in and stops her and Sylvanas is persuaded to help us
    7th boss (that creature Garrosh brought back from Northrend) In Gromash hold, Varian helps us
    8th boss (Garrosh) Underneath Orgrimmar. It be a big battle (Thrall will try to talk him out of it but Garrosh attacks him and Thrall be unconsious during the fight) all leaders will help us but will be badly wounded possibly someone will die and Voljin will possibly will kill him with the final blow.

    Well hope this is ok sorry for the lack of NPC Bosses but this is my idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaynauk View Post
    4th boss (Rexxar) in the valley of Honor Baine helps us here
    I will cry so hard if they killed rexxar off like that. He's my hero as a hunter, DO NOT KILL HIM Q_Q.

    Personally, I feel like certain warlords that served under Garrosh's command will be bosses, along with Gallywix (cause I mean.. he's been MIA forever now). I don't see Gamon being a boss (although I would die of laughter if he was). Lastly, I think Garrosh will be influenced by the Sha, but as for what's going on under org he'll be working with Neru Fireblade to summon something to win the war for him. Normally Garrosh would never work with demons, but I think if there is Sha influence then he could do mental gymnastics to justify working with demons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dokhidamo View Post

    Pit of Evil
    Garrosh resides deep within the Cleft of Shadows.
    Ormok (Cleft of Shadow)
    Either a faceless one (old god corruption), demon (legion corruption), or undead (political corruption) (trogg area of RFC)
    Magatha Grimtotem (felguard area of RFC)

    Garrosh Hellscream (back of RFC)
    Garrosh absolutely HATES Magatha. This was seen in The Shattering Christie Golden novel. He hates her for tampering with his fight with Cairne Bloodhoof. It's VERY doubtful she will ever appear as a boss to defend him or that he would ever let her near the gates of Orgrimmar - corrupted or not. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    I REALLY want Lor'themar Theron to side with Garrosh. It's the perfect opportunity to kill him off and elevate someone interesting like Rommath to regency/stewardship, throwing in Liadrin to take Theron's vacant spot in Silvermoon's little triumvirate.
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    Varok Saurfang, of course. An evil, old godded version, probably
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matash View Post
    Magatha Grimtotem????? How i would enjoy killing her each reset!
    Yes. Even though Garrosh doesn't like her b/c she denied him an honorable kill, she is too much of a hated/known character at this point to just slip away and die. If he is in some way tricked into becoming corrupt, she should be involved since she tricked him before. And who doesn't want to kill her over and over, honestly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryotte View Post
    Yes. Even though Garrosh doesn't like her b/c she denied him an honorable kill, she is too much of a hated/known character at this point to just slip away and die. If he is in some way tricked into becoming corrupt, she should be involved since she tricked him before. And who doesn't want to kill her over and over, honestly?
    I think she'll be saved for a later raid tbh. They are setting Sylvanas up for a fall, all they need is to create some kind of way to replace her sense forsaken culture is based around her sadly.

    My reasoning for her being in a raid when Sylvanas is taken down (assuming we take her down) is because in the past it's been known that Magatha has worked with the Forsaken, it wouldn't be surprising to see her ally herself with the Forsaken.

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    High Warlord Cromush,
    Location: High Warlord Cromush stand outside Grommash Hold awaiting Adventurers.
    A extremely loyal General under Garrosh's command, High Warlord Cromush has returned from Hillsbrad to defend his Warchief, mocking those who wish to challenge his Warchief might. Known for his brutal tactics Adventures will have to pass the High Warlord in order to reach the Warchief.
    Fight: requires 2 tanks that must switch between the fight as his attacks leave a heavy bleed effect on the tank. Randomly charges a player at range doing damage to any in his path. Will Whirlwind causing aoe damage to everyone within 20 yards. At 25, 50, 75% He enrages, increasing his attack speed and damage by 200%, Damaging the High Warlord will cause him to stumble giving players a 200% damage boost for 5 sec.

    Colonel Karzag, Commander Zanoth, Commander Larmash,
    Location: Valley of Wisdom
    The Elite Hellscreams Grasp warriors were hand picked by Garrosh himself. Loyal servants to Garrosh they carry out his orders without hesitation.
    Fight: Simular to most Council fights. Colonel Karzag causes heavy melee damage, Commander Zanoth can only be hit by range as he flies around on his mount, bombing different areas and Commander Larmash is a rogue type, vanishing and backstabbing players throught the fight.

    Goretusk, the Mighty,
    Location: Valley of Honor
    This powerful Magnataur was captured along with the rest of his tribe. When Garrosh unleashed the Magnataur within Ashenvale only Goretusk survived, his thurst for vengence seeing him align with Garrosh in return for killing those who had killed his tribe.

    Location: The Drag
    Once the beloved mount of Thane Torvald Eriksson, Flamebringer along with many of his kind were captured by Hellscreams soldiers and later unleashed throught Ashenvale. Known for his size Flamebringer was subdued by one of Garrosh's Generals. Seeing his master die in battle against the adventures, Flamebringer enrages and attacks any who come near his fallen master.

    Neeru Fireblade, leader of the Burning Blade,
    Location: Ragefire Chasm.
    A powerful warlock who, while under Thrall kept his motives hidden. Now with Garrosh's war moving into full steam, Neeru Fireblade has called his Burning Blade loyalists into action, summoning the might of the legion within Ragefire Chasm to assist his new Warchief, but are his motives still hidden.

    Thinking 6-8 bosses, one for each area within Org. Was going to add a Goblin but trying to find one loyal to Garrosh and not themselves is kinda hard. Adding fights and aswell as adding 2-3 more bosses
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    Sooooooo since garrosh is the last boss of the siege blizz should think of using this old fake

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    The Corpsegrinder, Garrosh 1st lieutenant

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    The big bad of MoP that is defeated before MoP is released. Sense make none.
    Funny, since the announcement was that dethroning Garrosh was going to be the LAST patch of MoP...

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    sergeras will be a "gear-check" trash mob, just to make people rage

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    Quote Originally Posted by alaynauk View Post

    4th boss (Rexxar) in the valley of Honor Baine helps us here
    In what Universe Rexxar would side with Garrosh in a Garrosh vs Thrall fight?

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    This guy definitively seems like a boss.

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    Urtharo the Weapon Vendor, obviously.
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    I'm pretty sure there's some Shattered Hand troll rogue who was ambiguously planning to off Thrall at some point; I'm sure he'd jump at the chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridish View Post
    who said this was gonna be a raid?? it´s gonna be a world event don´t get ahed of yourself...
    I was actually thinking that to myself. If it isn't instance based and horde and alliance go at it trying to take'm down

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