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    Hopefully this Garrosh raid will be a perfect lore excuse to finally get rid of Thrall along way as well. As noble sacrifice or for some other reason, doesn't matter. Really expected him to be gone during Staghelm's assault or that he will sacrifice himself as a key to defeating Deathwing. Also for years being Warchief of the Horde and for being World Shaman, that orc didn't get enough money to learn how to use at least fast ground mount, and in Hour of Twilight it looks like he doesn't even have any mount in possession anymore at all, becoming just a burden.

    Sorry, I just don't like orcs. Still Garrosh raid has no right to exist unless there will be some "Madness of Thrall" kind of encounter, where we will have an opportunity to finally free world from that sneaky orc once and forever. Aggra could be included as bonus encounter or heroic mode feature as well.

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    i hope vol'jinn will take him down with a final blow, with an arrow through his heart, like he promised he would.
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    My prediction:

    We find Pandaria, Garrosh wants to conquer the Island for resources and allies. The monks teach the Horde and Alliance that they do not have to fight and be peaceful but Garrosh just wants to fight them. He thinks of some crazy evil plan to kill the alliance then the Horde splits in two, those who want to try more peaceful ways and those who want a war. The good side and the Alliance come to terms and decide that they need to get rid of Garrosh so they plan to attack. The bad Taurens, Goblins and Bloodlust Orcs will help Garrosh, We kill Garrosh and his allies and either Thrall, Saurfang, Vol'jin, or even Sylvanas.
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    The Siege of Orgrimmar is what has me the most curious about MoP. I'm pretty sure Gamon will be making a cameo appearance as a boss, if only to please fans (after all, he would be rather awesome.)

    Maybe, though, through some developments in the plot inbetween MoP's launch and the siege of orgrimmar, we will see some other faction leader changes? I don't know much about the lore, but I have a feeling that Sylvanas windrunner is going to get involved somehow. I also beleive that some of the concepts from MoP like the sha might get mixed up in all of this.

    My REAL curiosity, however, involves the aethetics and design of the raid itself rather than the bosses within it. What will the raid look like? Will it just be new orgrimmar filled with enemies? Will it be significantly beaten up? How different will it look from city orgrimmar? Where will we fight the final boss? I can't see us fighting Garrosh in his little position in orgrimmar, as the room seems too smll for a 25 man encounter. How would blizzard make this raid feel 'epic'?

    How will players be gated so that it progresses? Will it be linear, funneling us down one predetermined path, or will we get to pick and choose what bosses we take on? I could totally see a firelands-esque approach to the raid going on. Imagine being able to choose which district of the city to go to next, and fighting a boss in each district of the city. We could fight some evil goblin high-up in the goblin part of the city, a garrosh-supporting troll in the valley of spirits, etc.

    I'm also wondering how the cleft of shadow will be used. That seems like a pretty dark place, certainly filled with some evil shadowy boss there. And while we're at it, will RFC be involved at all? Now i'm just getting way out there, but I'm really, really curious.

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    If you guys actually read the notes you would see that the "vale of eternal blossoms" holds a relic likely which we will see in 5.1. They hint that it would be terrible if it fell into someones hands that would misuse it. Garrosh WOULD misuse it, Garrosh is also slated to be the Final boss already. Put it together and you see the Garrosh used this relic for his "war crimes" which is likely going to be more horrific then the scourge plague at the wrath Gate. He may even beable to use the relic to change or infuse his warriors and change them. This would be something I see the other horde members being strongly opposed too. Power at any cost? Sounds like grom and the demon blood curse.

    TLDR Garrosh is the son of his Father, he will try to corrupt the horde and die for it.
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    Gallywix, Some sha that have started infesting even azeroth, Magatha? (Maybe) I dont even know it could be anyone.

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    I'd like to see a panderian based character as a boss. You never know, knowing blizzard.

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    The important thing about MoP is we know Nesingwary is back in action.

    Anyhow don't expect anyone you know in the Siege raid outside Garrosh look at dragon soul. BENEDICTUS RAID BOSS? Nop random shaman and tauren please.
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    Everyone we want to kill, I sure hope.

    -random orc general. it's a shame we can't use the jerk from stonetalon
    -Staff Sergeant Gamon Fightmaster
    -Gallywix. He needs to die too.
    -one of those fire troggs. They're aggressive, stupid, and need to die. Just like Garrosh.
    -finishing it off with Garrosh

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    Warchief Garrosh Hellscream
    High Overlord Gerald Gamon.

    Really only need those two to make it an impossible raid.
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    I'd like to see a boss riding one of those giant scorpions too, those are just such a perfect fit for Garrosh's Horde.

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    1. Gallywix

    2. Warlord Zaela

    3. High Warlord Cromush

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    I REALLY want Lor'themar Theron to side with Garrosh. It's the perfect opportunity to kill him off and elevate someone interesting like Rommath to regency/stewardship, throwing in Liadrin to take Theron's vacant spot in Silvermoon's little triumvirate.
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    Garrosh and about 7 unnamed Warlords. Maybe a heroic-only boss at the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Army of Darkness View Post
    1. Gallywix

    2. Warlord Zaela

    3. High Warlord Cromush

    I approve of this, and why do I only see half of your avatar?
    Zaela will probably bite it too, I agree. A shame.

    P.S. Better now?

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    Gallywix and Gamon.

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    I think Garrosh will use his warlocks deep inside RFG and summoning an old god(Maybe N'zoth?)/demonarmy that will tear orgrimmar apart and getting alot of nice bosses there C:

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    I believe in lore he has an army of proto-drakes, mammoth dudes, and other stuff from Northrend. Some of those probably.

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    Wait why is everyone calling it a raid?

    "The final patch of Mists of Pandaria will be the Siege of Orgrimmar! Both factions lay siege to the city to bring Garrosh down and end his reign of Warchief."

    Final patches are not usually the main raids. Just using Cata digits here: 5.3=Final raid, 5.4=Pre-Xpac event where this occurs in order to launch us into next xpac. More of a Gnomeragon/Echo Isles sort of thing.
    Because it is a raid. Garrosh is the Illidan/Arthas/Deathwing of Mists.

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    I hope the Orgrimmar orphanage will be among the encounters.

    That'll teach 'em, staring with their beady little eyes...

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    Gamon returns with a vengance. he sees what Garrosh is doing and wants to be a part of it. so garrosh uses him for his test subject and Gamon is the true end boss who is invincible!

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