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    Quote Originally Posted by ridish View Post
    who said this was gonna be a raid?? it´s gonna be a world event don´t get ahed of yourself...
    There's an interview with a blizzard employee who flat-out said it was to be the final raid of the expansion.

    They even talked about how the gear you can get is going to be Orgrimmar-themed.
    Isn't it immature that you call him Donald "Dump"?
    I agree, it's childish and stupid - and that's my point. it's meant as a deliberate mockery of his blatant disrespect via using "Crooked Hillary", and thus I can call him "Dump" since he dumps his campaign promises, dumps campaign managers, dumps his wives, wants to dump the first amendment, dumps common-sense war ethics and dumps the use of proper English in favor of a mongrel white-trash dialect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerxis View Post
    Just going to toss this out now .. Lady Sylvanas for Warchief 2012!
    oh god... hell no.

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    Guarding the Gate Boss (there is one in almost every raid, probably a mechanical thing)

    Wing 1 (two of the bosses must die to proceed you may kill all three however)
    Warlord Zaela and Gorchuk (you fight them at the same time)
    A Random Sha

    From here Garrosh's whereabouts are unknown but there are three separate trouble makers in the city trying to take advantage of the battle, you may deal with any of the three wings in any order you choose.
    Wing 2A
    Hozen Zeppelin fight (the new monkey race, they are protecting Gallywix as he flies off in a Zeppelin, you chase him on a Zeppelin)
    Gallywix (Both the Zeppelins crash and Gallywix hops in an ultra Goblin machine)

    Wing 2B
    Four Valk'yrs (Sylvanus is trying to raise the dead in Orgimmar into scourge to take over it with the Valks, you have to kill the Valks before you go kill her

    Wing 2C
    Grimtotem Council
    Magtha Grimtotem

    The location of Garrosh is finally located and you have to head to the Ring of Valor

    Wing 3
    Jaina Proudmoore - Being in the battle she has finally lost it and is killing any orc/horde she sees not just the ones sided with Garrosh. You have to kill/almost kill her
    High Warlord Cromush (guarding the entrance to the ring)
    Sha of War/Garrosh (Garrosh is now taken over by the Sha of War and isn't even in his natural state, he is one with it)

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    its not a raid its a scenario...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hexotic View Post
    its not a raid its a scenario...
    No, a scenario would only be up to 5 people, they are going to make this either a world event, or more likely the end raid. They stated outright that he will be the end boss actually, because people where angry with Blizzard for spoiling the end of Cataclysm.

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    If someone mentioned before... sorry ><

    Mankrik's wife, because the Barrens was merely a setback!

    If we look at the info about the siege of orgrimar i suppose that:

    - "Random" Horde commander.
    - "Random" famous character from Orgrimar (Gamon/Eitrig/...).
    - Any type (with a new or old model) of faceless one.
    - Insert here any invention that goblins tinkered, and if can make a BIG BOOM, better.
    - Corrupted Garrosh.

    + Other possibilities:
    - Manifestation of the Sha.
    - Random Alliance character under the influence of the Sha (not kill, but free him from the control/corruption).

    Keep in mind that Garrosh wont be killed, but stoped from what he may be doing "down there", and free him from the corruption. I, myself see Thrall wearing the Warchief of the Horde tittle again. what really concerns me is how will act Jaina, the info that Blizz gave scares me (Jaina with white hair? A "moar" dangeorus mage for the Horde? Im starting to remember that topic where people talked about Jaina and her Masterplan for controlling all Azeroth ><).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baiyn View Post
    I think it'd be nice if they added Saurfang as the penultimate boss, who dies defending Garrosh and doing his duty, living by the oath he like the rest of the Horde pledged to the Warchief. I think that would make the whole event a lot more morally grey and a bit more emotive. Horde players should feel bad for spilling the blood of their leader, no matter how douchey he can be.
    A Tower of Joy scenario for those who get the ASoIaF reference.

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    What about his annoying generals from Northrend like the one in dragonblight and in Grizzly Hills.

    I can see them die quite easily.

    Like Conqueror Krenna or Overlord Agmar among other morons we met during 1-60 leveling in Cata.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oradraffe View Post
    MoP is not happening i can promise that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tric619 View Post
    Been playing since week 1 and still believe Mop is the next expac? >.>
    Quote Originally Posted by Feyrzhuk View Post
    MoP will never be a WoW expansion. Feel free to flame and ridicule me should I be proven wrong.

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    Some Elite Orc with an aggressive and uninspired name like Ripgrim
    A Goblin Alchemist like Putricide with a new experimental Shredder
    Taragaman the Hungerer v2.0
    A Powerful Searing Blade Warlock
    Warlord Zaela (She's quite infatuated with the Warchief, likely enough to take his side)
    A captured and corrupted Alliance spy, someone from SI:7, Mathias Shaw?
    Rommath (Maybe give Lor'themar a direct reason for an appearance and someone to kill)
    A leftover Northrend Yeti+Sha experiment (It'd look awesome)
    Sha Controlled Vol'jin, captured in a previous patch for treason
    Big Sha manifestation created from the conflict of the previous boss fights

    I'd mention the Grimtotem, but I don't think Garrosh would ever forgive Magatha and her tribe, at least not enough to let them into Orgrimmar.

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    Here's what I'll go with. Some of these are made up characters, so obviously I'm only actually predicting a boss of the same theme.

    The Gatekeepers
    These bosses may be defeated in any order.

    High Warlord Cromush: Main gate
    High Warlord Bloodhilt: Azhara gate
    Erok'dranda of the Revantusk: West gate

    Orgrimmar Skyway
    Captain Krazz (for Horde)/High Captain Justin Bartlett (for Alliance): Defensive encounter. You must ensure the Gunship is not shot out of the sky, and the nammed characters are not killed before it can land on the Orgrimmar Skyway. Encounter mostly deals with killing Garrosh loyalist boarding parties.
    Flightmaster Doras: The Orgrimmar Flightmaster.

    Valley of Wisdom

    Warden Karnok: Watches over Tauren and Darkspear prisoners being kept in the Valley of Wisdom. Freeing Tauren prisoners buffs the raid, while troll prisoners will hex the Warden, debuffing him.

    Cleft of Shadows
    Pit Lord Oblivioth: Summoned and controlled by loyalist Warlocks for use in the war effort. The warlocks themselves are easily dispatched, the Pit Lord...not so much.

    Storming of Orgrimmar

    Storming of Orgrimmar: This encounter involves assisting attackers in every area of Orgrimmar. Players must quickly respond to requests from potentially any district, some deal with fighting off a loyalist counterattack in an already-secured district, others involve storming a loyalist-held position. The encounter ends when you have dealt with 5 random events without wiping. The longer you take in any one attempt, the more mobs will spawn at each event, creating a de facto enrage timer.

    Trade Prince Gallywix: Thought Garrosh was the winning side, did not account for Alliance/Horde teaming up, Thrall not amused by Gallywix's "apology", demands Gallywix give up all claims to his wealth and authority, Gallywix decides to gamble on Garrosh winning after all to keep said wealth and authority, Gallywix does not live for long.

    Grom'mash Hold

    Drakakil: Mogu Warlord allied with Garrosh Hellscream. After the Mogu's recent disastrous attempt to take over Pandaria, Drakakil brought his followers into Garrosh's Horde in exchange for eventual rulership of Pandaria. This encounter takes place just outside of Grommash Hold.
    Garrosh Hellscream: Garrosh has become so obsessed over a dream of wold conquest that he is resorting to any and all means to accomplish it. Thrall believes Garrosh has become possessed by an unknown Sha, while Varian believes Garrosh has simply become lost in his own delusions. The truth is not revealed until the end of the encounter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by navai View Post
    We'll have 8 waves of trash as we push through a gauntlet towards the stronghold in Org. Then we'll have 4 bosses inside the stronghold with no trash, or random talk to Thrall and dragons appear out of nowhere trash which is mindnumbingly boring. Finally the floor will cave in and Anub'arak will be like "lol meights", again with no trash. We'll kill him and be portalled to the EoE cause re-using zones is cool where Garrosh will be flying around on Malygos stroking his chin beard, he'll fly off and then we'll fight him at the Maelstrom.

    No sorry, we'll fight his 4 toes then punch his chin in.

    All in all, a mix of the three worst experiences of my life. Mount Hyjal, TotC and DS.
    Hahaha, spot on laddie xD

    I would expect to see Magatha raise her head again this expansion, as well as some kind of Goblin oppurtunism. I'm also behind the person who expects a Bloodboil recolour or reskin; we seen that in Blackrock.. Whatever the place is called with Raz the Crazed.

    All we need now is a Murloc, riding a giant evil rabbit, riding a devilsaur, riding an undead warlock, riding a shark firing a laser. :/

    Conqueror Krenna or Overlord Agmar
    Agmar is already a killable npc in Isle of Conquest iirc, but I suppose you're right. He has two pet elite wolves as well, already the perfect match up to turn into a semi decent boss fight.

    But I hate the idea of going through WoW and picking out npcs that to be killable in raid encounters as canon. Agmar is a harsh man, but I don't see why he should have to die since he has done considerable deed for the Horde, such as commanding a formiddable presence in Northrend. Hmmmm...

    I can see where you're coming from, but I'd rather see them try to be a bit more creative. I hope there's a lot of story between now and then to make up for this confusion as to the hows and whys of this Siege taking place.
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    Who's to say it won't be another Battle for the Undercity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    Definitely Magatha Grimtotem.

    "I helped you win against impossible odds once, Garrosh. I'll do so again. All I ask in return..."
    I wouldn't exactly call that "Impossible odds".

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackleslap View Post
    So hope Gamon is in the raid, so he can finally get his revenge, MWUAHAHAHA
    He needs to be the Mu'Ru of the raid

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    Won't this have to be a CoT raid? (Unless they plan to have a new capital for the Horde) And seeing as all the CoT Raids have something to do with lining Thrall up to the 'Aspect Of Earth' Duty. It won't make a lot of sense, Unless Thrall is meant to take mantle and lead everyone against the antagonist of the next expansion (I'm thinking Legion).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quilmo View Post
    Won't this have to be a CoT raid? (Unless they plan to have a new capital for the Horde) And seeing as all the CoT Raids have something to do with lining Thrall up to the 'Aspect Of Earth' Duty. It won't make a lot of sense, Unless Thrall is meant to take mantle and lead everyone against the antagonist of the next expansion (I'm thinking Legion).
    Nah, it will just be instanced. It won't stop them from using Orgrimmar being in instance. The entrance will probably be somewhere in Azshara starting in a cave that leads to an instanced version of Org.

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    What I don't want them to do is take the copout. I think it would be something to have a different ending than Grom.

    When the players encounter Garrosh, it is clear that he is possessed by SOMETHING. He is twisted and nasty and has all kinds of crazy powers that are not his own. In the first phase, the players deal with his powers, in the second phase, they work to free him from it with some fight mechanic. But the third phase, I want Garrosh to basically go nuts, and let the players know that in no uncertain terms it was HIM in control of whatever possessed him, that it was his actions alone, and that he had sought out and mastered the corrupting influence, rather than having been mastered by it.

    Don't take the easy route of corruption. Don't redeem him. Make him truly believe that he not only does not need it, but has done nothing that would force him to seek it. Let him die 100% the master of his own fate.

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    LFR PT.1 "Siege of Orgrimmar"

    Storm the Beach
    The invasion force has arrived on the shores of Durotar, but they will have to defeat Garrosh's forces to secure their position.
    Random Orc commander.
    Random Orc warlock.
    Overlord Runthak (at the Gates)

    Siege of Orgrimmar
    The invaders have entered Orgrimmar, but Garrosh is nowhere to be found.
    Overlord Agmar (in the Throne Room)
    Gallywix (attempting to flee in a zeppelin)
    High Warlord Cromush (Valley of Wisdom)

    LFR PT.2 "Warchief's End"

    Pit of Evil
    Garrosh resides deep within the Cleft of Shadows.
    Ormok (Cleft of Shadow)
    Either a faceless one (old god corruption), demon (legion corruption), or undead (political corruption) (trogg area of RFC)
    Magatha Grimtotem (felguard area of RFC)

    Garrosh Hellscream (back of RFC)

    Enter, Go to Palace, go up to the zeppelins, descend into the Valley of Wisdom, go around the back to the Cleft of Shadows, and through RFC.
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    oooh id like to see a cinematic where sha garrosh is pierce through the heart by voljin and then from behind saurfang jumps above voljin.He heads straight for garrosh and kicks the arrow deeper into his chest and as garrosh falls to the ground clutching the arrow, saurfang mutters "I told you i would not allow you to drive the horde back into its old ways" then cleaves the mother fuckers head off.

    god that would be a satisfying end to garrosh and jaina is gonna go pyscho bitch too oooh im tingling from loregasms ^.^
    Thrall he just needs to stay his hippy ass out of the picture he had more than enough screen time in cataclysm
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