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    Heirloom Weapons for Monk

    I'm not much of a theorycrafter (or a melee dps) so I was wondering would 2 Mass of McGowans be better than one Mass of McGowan and a Thrash Blade in the offhand?

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    Temporary Heirloom Monk Staff Name

    Search for it in the wowdb

    And 2 Mass are better, stats-->crap proc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renemis View Post
    2 Mass are better, stats-->crap proc.
    Definitely. If Thrash blade had some base stats, then maybe. But stats vs no stats/proc, go stats. Already have them waiting in my bank too, lol.
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    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    I'm going to close this thread in favor of one that's already open (found here).

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